Mera Peak Vs. Island Peak, which one is an easier Climb?

Mera peak and Island peak are among the most famous trekking peaks of Nepal. Both peaks are among the first choices for beginner climbers who are just starting mountain climbing. But many climbers have a hard time choosing one among these two, and they end up evaluating each aspect of Mera Peak vs. Island Peak.

Camps along the trail while climbing Mera Peak; image which can help you decide in Mera Peak vs Island Peak
Camps along the trail of Mera Peak

Well, to ease that biggest hurdle for novice climbers, we have prepared a trough guide on Mera Peak and Island Peak. While both peaks do not require specific mountaineering skills, many other factors differentiate these two peaks. Mera Peak is deemed the easier one to climb from the safety point, whereas in terms of adventure Island Peak offers more thrills of mountain climbing.

Similarities between Mera Peak and Island Peak

Mera Peak and Island Peak lie in the Barun sub-section of the Mahalangur section of the Nepalese Himalayas. Both the peaks are of similar elevation; Island stands at the height of (6,189m/20,305ft) whereas Mera is (6,461m/21,190ft high. Further, the two peaks are fairly close to each other.

Climbing Island Peak; Showing similarities between climbing Mera Peak and Island Peak
Climbing Island Peak

Mera and Island both are trekking peaks, which do not require any technical climbing experience. Despite all those similarities, both Island Peak and Mera Peak have different adventures to offer for their travelers.

Which one is easier to climb between Mera and Island?

Both Mera Peak and Island Peaks do not require specific mountaineering skills. That is precisely why these peaks are among the first choice for novice climbers. However, even among these two, Mera is considered the easier one.

Well, since these peaks are tagged as trekking peaks, there might be a misconception about them being an easy climb, but that is not true. Climbing both these peaks requires hard work and determination.

Trail of Imja Tse or the Island Peak; climbing Island Peak
Trail of Imja Tse or the Island Peak

In terms of height, Mera Peak is slightly higher than Island Peak. But, the climb to Island Peak’s summit includes more steep ice climbs and has numerous challenging sections and the headwall. In contrast, the climb to Mera Peak is straightforward, with fewer challenges like crevasses. Further, climbing Island Peak is more challenging because of the narrow rocky ridge, glacial walk to the top, and several icefalls. So, in terms of ease, Mera Peak bags points.

However, if we compare the trekking section up to the base camp, the Mera Peak climbing route is harder until you reach its Base Camp. In comparison, it is much easier to reach Island Peak’s Base Camp.

Some Other Facts about Mera and Island Peak

 In the local Language, Island Peak has another name- Imja Tse. It was in 1951, a mountaineering team named Imja Tse, Island, after they felt it had an uncanny resemblance to an island.

Mera and Island Peaks are separated by a mountain chain that divides the Hongu and Khumbu valley.

Mera peak has three summit points Mera North, Mera South, and Mera Central. Among them, Mera North is the highest and the most difficult one, whereas Mera Central is the easiest and the one popular one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best time to climb Mera Peak?

The best season for climbing Mera Peak are the months of spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). Despite the prime season, many climbers climb Mera throughout the year except the monsoon season in June to August. However, there are different perks of climbing Mera in different seasons.

Apart from the favorable weather condition, the best season to climb Mera treats you with the picturesque view of surrounding vistas. Moreover, when the sky is clear, five 8,000m peaks are visible from the Mera summit, including Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga.

Which is the best time to climb Island Peak?

The peak season for mountain climbing in Nepal; the months of Spring in March to May and autumn, September to November is the best time to climb Island Peak. However, Island Peak has been successfully climbed throughout the year except during the monsoon months- June, July, and August. In fact, for Island Peak climbing, the winter season is also acceptable for experienced climbers who can handle the cold weather of the Himalayas.

The best season unfolds the magnificent 360° view of surrounding well-known peaks, including Ama Dablam, Lhotse, and Mera Peak from the Island Peak Summit.

How should I prepare to climb Mera and Island Peak?

Even though Mera Peak and Island Peak are tagged as a peak for beginners, climbing a mountain is no walk around the block. It demands dedication, you have to prepare mentally and physically. Physical fitness is crucial for these high-altitude climbings. We suggest going on hikes, cycling, uphill climb, muscle stretching, and working out at the gym to build your physique for these treks.

On top of being physically fit, having the right trekking gear is also vital. So, you must be extra smart with your packing list for peak climbing in the Nepal Your packing list must include the right clothes, comfortable shoes, and necessary gear for a successful climb.

How much does it cost to climb Mere Peak and Island Peak?

The overall cost of climbing any peak in Nepal depends on many factors. The key elements being the service you choose, while other factors include the number of days and routes you choose. As for Mera and Island, since the two peaks include similar itinerary, the climbing cost for Island Peak and Mera Peak climbing costs is similar, generally from $3200 to $4600 per person.

The cost is inclusive of all services provided by the operator, including equipment, accommodation, and food arrangements. Sometimes you may get the trip at cheaper rates, but in such cases, you might have to compromise with other aspects like food and accommodation, crew members.

Himalayan Glacier led its first Mera Peak Climb in 1992. Our Mera Peak Itinerary and Island Peak itineraries are perfectly designed with the right acclimatization at appropriate altitudes.  And we have led many successful treks to these peaks. If you are planning to climb one of these famous trekking peaks and have any queries, you can connect with our travel experts who will help you plan tailor-made trips as per your requirements.

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