Celebration of artistic diversity

KATHMANDU: Highlighting the impact of scriptures and legends on conservation of nature and preservation of environment through traditional art forms native to Nepal Mandala or Kathmandu Valley and Mithila region, a 10-day long exhibition — Inter-linkage between Art and Environment (ILAEN) — will open at Nepal Art Council (NAC), Babarmahal from June 5.
Conceived, designed and staged by NAC in partnership with BP Koirala (Nepal-India) Foundation, the exhibition will continue till June 15, as per a press release issued by NAC.Artworks of more than 100 artists will be showcased in the exhibition that include Madhubani artists — acclaimed and honoured in India — along with traditional, Paubha and Mithila artists, who are similarly recognised in Nepal. ILAEN exhibition has received works from Madhubani including those of national icon Baua Devi and from master artists of Janakpur and adjoining districts, the statement adds.
The two different floors of the gallery will showcase paintings of artists whose creations have found space in national and international museums during recent times. Nonetheless, works of other artists aspiring to reach those heights will also be displayed on those floors. But the top floor will feature modern paintings of nationally renowned artists from the collection of NAC.Together with exhibition of artworks, the organisers have scheduled seminars as well. While Prof Dr Mukunda Raj Aryal will present a paper on the art and culture of Nepala Mandala, Dr Ramdayal Rakesh will be talking about the Mithila ethos, the press statement further mentions.Dr Dina Bangdel, Associate Professor, Art History Program, Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, and an Executive Member of NAC is another attraction of the event. She will be leading a dialogue and interaction programme with master artists as well as budding talent of the Nepal.A novel form of workshop will be a part of the event where students of contemporary art practices will be invited to interact with the traditional artists with a view to bring forth various innovative concepts, ideas and thoughts. They have also devised a format where in the visitors can engage themselves in a bit of live art work at the site.

Get ready to be a part of this artistic celebration where different artists from diverse backgrounds will meet, mingle and learn about the skills, challenges and achievements of each other.

Source: The Himalayan Times
Date: 3 June, 2014

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