Barkhor Bazaar Showcases Tibetan Culture

Travellers who are making their excursion around Lhasa’s cultural centre definitively pass through Barkhor Bazzar.


Barkhor Bazaar showcases cultural highlights of Tibetan people. It comprises a series of circular streets that encompass the Jokhang temple along with numerous merchants and vendors offering a wide variety of local Tibetan arts, crafts, and cuisines. The Barkhor bazaar if seen from the perspectives of vast combination of Tibetan culture represents window of Tibet. In addition, the market is constantly thriving with the countless activities from the vendors and shops.

Barkhor Bazaar, a market full of traditional Tibetan style building and narrow streets, is always packed with shops catering to locals and tourists alike providing a great opportunity to see every day Tibetan life. The sights, sounds, and smell of incense wafting from giant chimneys enthrall visitors catering the ultimate Tibetan cultural experience.

At Barkhor’s heart resides Jokhang Temple, home to the only known image of the Shakyamuni Buddha, to remain in existence today. The cultural relics of Jokhang Temple are a draw for thousands of pilgrims. Pilgrims can be seen walking clockwise around the temple as they spin prayer wheels and chant mantras while others prostrate in respect.

Exploring Barkhor Bazaar while on a Tibet tour can be a fantastic cultural experience that can help travelers gain insight into every day Tibetan life. Barkhor Street is also a great place to pick up authentic Tibetan arts and crafts.

Another undenying attraction of this age old street is it showcases Tibetan cuisines. Visitors are encouraged to try out some of the local food. The busiest stalls and restaurants are typically the best to taste the food culture.

Those looking to submerge into Tibetan culture need look no further than Barkhor Bazaar. Barkhor Bazaar after all is always pulsating with Tibetan tradition and culture.

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