Archaeologists find post hole in Janakpur mandap

A team led by archaeologist Prakash Darnal has reportedly found a post hole while excavating the Mandi Mandap or an altar. Apparently, the site is believed to be the location where Lord Ram of the Ramayan mythology tied the knot with Janaki.

The discovery of a post hole is termed to be of great archaeological significance as similar post holes were found during the excavations at Tilaurakot in Kapilvastu and Panditpur in Nawalparasi.

According to Darnal, the team found significant evidences suggesting human activities like cooking food, burning fire and construction of house after digging 2.3 metres deep. “We hope to find more evidences in the next five days,” said Darnal, adding that the finding should be taken positively.

Ram Prabodh, a local resident aged 64, said that the location is believed to be the altar around which Ram and Janaki performed their nuptials. Likewise, there are two lakes near the site; the ‘Paisarni Sir’ located north-east of Mandi Mandap and Paatnirikchyan towards north. According to a myth, Lord Ram had washed his feet in Paisarni Sir lake. Locals worship the Dudhmati river located west of Ranibazaar along with a pasture spread across 15 bighas which is looked upon in connection with the marriage of Ram and Janaki.

source: ekantipur, 31 Mar 2014

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