Academic tour in the Himalayas

Are you throbbing for academic tour in the Himalayas? Can you imagine your academic tour will be at the heart of diverse cultural landscapes? Why not browse Himalayan Glacier’s locally handcrafted personalized academic tour packages in this year!

Walk through the most rarely trekked paths of Himalayan trails and expose yourself into the natural, cultural, historical, and architectural diversities. We arrange activities and outings that cover culture, wildlife, environment, trekking, sightseeing, language, dancing and singing all of which forms an academic trip suitable for any one. We can organize these sorts of trips for a school, university, sporting or church club.

With Himalayan Glacier students receive an excellent opportunity to learn about all aspects of the Nepalese culture, wildlife, hiking, lifestyle, language, food and people. Pick our academic tour packages and exchange cultural experience while having academic exploration in the Himalayas.

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