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10 Facts about Namche Bazaar for a Trekker in the Everest Region

Namche Bazzar (3,440 meters) is a tourist hub in the Everest (Khumbu) region. The hilly town has a number of lodgings and stores catering to the needs of visitors making it one of the few places in the region where trekkers can access the modern communication facilities.

Namche Bazaar is also known for offering wonderful views of the snow clapped peaks of the great Himalayas. Tourist attractions in Namche Bazaar include several options from exploring the highest peaks to enjoying the adventurous activities of trekking and hiking.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Namche Bazaar for the travelers who are preparing for adventure trek in the Everest region.

  1. Namche Bazaar is the center of Sherpa culture and extends an opportunity to learn more about various plant and animal life of the region.

  2. The hilly town is popular with trekkers in the Khumbu region, especially for altitude acclimatization, and is the gateway to the high Himalaya. In fact, it is a major stop-off point for trekkers and climbers heading for Everest base camp.

  3. Traditionally, Namche Bazaar was a trading post, with locals bartering yak cheese and butter for agricultural goods grown at lower altitudes.

  4. Namche Bazaar is the central getway for adventure treks and mountain expeditions around the cluster of mountains in the Khumbu region. Actually, the hilly village is a confluence of trekking trails.

  5. After Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s successful climb of Everest in 1953, the dynamics of Namche Bazaar changed forever as climbers and trekkers flocked in the region.

  6. Namche is the first place on the Khumbu trek that is above altitude sickness threshold and so most trekkers prefer to spend at least two nights at Namche Bazaar in order to acclimatize.

  7. The winters are cold and dry, while summers are warm at Namche Bazaar.

  8. Sagarmatha National Park Visitor’s Centre, located at the top end of the village off the Tengboche trail offers information on the wildlife of the area.

  9. Museum of Sherpa Life at Namche Bazaar, located above the village off the Tengboche trail introduces to Sherpa culture and the fauna and flora of the region.

  10. Healing Centre, Namche Library, and Namche Monastery equally attract at Namche Bazaar. Likewise, the main street into the village is lined with Tibetan run handicraft stalls and stores.

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