Visit Dashinkali, Chobar and Kirtipur

Are you desiring to have short excursion around the secret of south of Kathmandu? Take a scenic drive with us to Dashinkali, Chobar and Kirtipur.

Dakshinkali Temple, a woodland shrine, is dedicated to Lord Shiva’s bloodthirsty consort, Kali. The temple lies about 22km south of Kathmandu. As devotees of Goddess Kali believe her wrath can only be appeased through blood sacrifice, you will witness animals being sacrificed at the sanctum of the goddess.

On return drive we stop at Chobar. We visit the Chobar Gorge which lies at the foot of Chobar village. The legend about the birth of Kathmandu Valley speak of the Buddhist deity Manjushri cutting the hill at Chobar into half with a mighty sword, letting out the water of a lake and opening the fertile vale for habitation.

From Chobar, we drive along a high ridge to Kirtipur, one of the oldest settlements in Kathmandu. The history of Kirtipur dates back to the 12th century when it was a colony of Patan but later became a separate kingdom. We visit the ridge top Bhag Bhairav temple. Hanging from one of the temples high walls are weapons commemorating the terrible conquest of the village in 1768 by Prithvi Narayan Shah’s armies. A number of shrines populate the temple compound, one of which houses Dhartimatta (Earth Goddess). She is carved in stone, lying on her back with thighs parted. Pregnant women flock to Dhartimatta, praying for safe pregnancies.

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