Best Places To Stay In Tanzania

It is not new to travelers anymore that Tanzania is one of Africa’s classic safari destinations. The accommodation options of luxury safari lodges, remote tented camps and popular safari hotels make most of the recommendation list for a foreign tourist. The top accommodation in Tanzania includes mobile camps following the wildebeest migration advances, properties perfect for families or groups traveling together, superb luxury lodges tucked away for the most romantic safari honeymoon, and breath-taking beach lodges on the tropical islands. 

Foreign travelers who come to Tanzania normally climb the Mt. Kilimanjaro, indulge in wildlife safari and a handful of them visit Zanzibar islands, and some even on historical tour to Stone Town. Tanzania has a vast infrastructure of hotels, lodges, resorts and luxury tent camps that cater to the need of every kind of traveler. The best places to stay in Tanzania depends on what a traveler is looking for, that is, price or comfort. Prices of accommodation vary differently in different locations and also with the season that you are traveling. While there are from very highly expensive hotels to rather very cheap lodges in most cities and towns, the rural areas are deprived of luxury accommodation options. These are the various categories of hotels and lodges in Tanzania for tourists:


Heritage Properties

  1. Mizingani Seafront Hotel – Zanzibar
  2. Zanzibar Serena Hotel – Zanzibar
  3. Park Hyatt – Zanzibar
  4. Tembo House Hotel & Apartments – Zanzibar
  5. Four Points by Sheraton Arusha – The Arusha Hotel
  6. Dhow Palace Hotel – Zanzibar
  7. The Africa House Hotel – Zanzibar

5-star hotels

  1. Hotel Melia Serengeti Lodge – Serengeti
  2. Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa – Zanzibar
  3. Baraza Resort & Spa – Zanzibar
  4. The Residence Zanzibar – Zanzibar
  5. Four Seasons Safari Lodge – Serengeti
  6. Acacia Farm Lodge – Karatu, Arusha
  7. Neptune Pwani Beach Resort & Spa – Kiwengwa
  8. Gibb’s Farm – Karatu, Arusha
  9. Serena Mivumo River Lodge – Selous Game Reserve
  10. The Retreat Selous – Selous Game Reserve
  11. Chem Chem Safari Lodge – Tarangire National Park
  12. Singita Sasakwa Lodge – Serengeti
  13. Diamonds Star of the East – Nungwi
  14. The Oyster Bay Hotel – Dar es Salaam
  15. Neptune Pwani Beach Resort & Spa – Kiwengwa

4-star hotels

  1. CBD Hotel – Dar es Salaam
  2. Kilimanjaro Wonders Hotel – Moshi
  3. Hotel Verde Zanzibar-Azam Luxury Resort and Spa – Zanzibar
  4. Mount Meru Hotel – Arusha
  5. Jafferji House & Spa – Zanzibar
  6. Venus Premier Hotel – Arusha
  7. Dhow Palace Hotel – Zanzibar
  8. Landmark Mbezi Beach Resort – Dar es Salaam
  9. Four Points by Sheraton Arusha, The Arusha Hotel
  10. Seashells Millennium Hotel – Dar es Salaam
  11. Kibo Palace Hotel – Arusha
  12. Protea Hotel Zanzibar Mbweni Ruins – Stone Town
  13. Harbour View Suites – Dar es Salaam
  14. Sea Cliff Court – Dar es Salaam
  15. Gold Crest Hotel – Mwanza
  16. Arusha Crown Hotel – Arusha
  17. Boutique Hotel Matlai – Zanzibar

3-star hotels

  1. Maru Maru Hotel – Stone Town
  2. The African Tulip Hotel – Arusha
  3. Kendwa Rocks Beach Hotel – Zanzibar
  4. Nungwi Garden Boutique Hotel – Nungwi
  5. Golden Tulip Zanzibar Resort – Zanzibar
  6. Tanzanite Executive Suites – Dar es Salaam
  7. The Seyyida Hotel and Spa – Zanzibar
  8. Flame Tree Cottages – Zanzibar
  9. Tulia Boutique Hotel and Spa – Arusha
  10. Mrimba Palm Hotel – Arusha
  11. Parkview Inn – Moshi
  12. Springlands Hotel – Moshi
  13. Bristol Cottages Kilimanjaro – Moshi
  14. Pink Flamingo Boutique Hotel – Moshi
  15. Green Mountain Hotel – Arushi
  16. Snow Crest Hotel – Arushi
  17. Karama Lodge & Spa – Arushi
  18. Meru House Inn – Arushi
  19. Africana Grand Hotel – Arushi
  20. Lush Garden Hotel – Arushi

Budget hotels

  1. Serene Beach Resort – Dar es Salaam
  2. Kilimanjaro Star Hotel – Moshi
  3. Savannah House – Arusha
  4. Bush Route Hotel, Dar es Salaam
  5. Furaha Accommodation, Zanzibar
  6. Arusha Backpackers Hotel, Arusha
  7. Meridian C.A Hotel – Dar es Salaam
  8. Amira’s Roomz, Zanzibar
  9. Kilima Homes – Moshi
  10. Hunch Backpackers Hostel, Dar es Salaam
  11. Jambo Guest House, Zanzibar
  12. View Mountain House – Arusha
  13. Mambosasa View Executive Hotel – Sinza, Dar es Salaam

Luxury Lodges & Camps

  1. Elewana Arusha Coffee Lodge, Arusha
  2. Karatu Tented Lodge, Ngorongoro Conservative Area
  3. Fumba Beach Lodge, Zanzibar
  4. Lahe Hotel, Mwanza
  5. Arusha Serena Hotel Resort & Spa, Arusha
  6. Kaliwa Lodge, Moshi
  7. Ngorongoro Lodge & Campsite, Ngorongoro Conservative Area
  8. Belmont Fairmount Hotel, Mwanza
  9. Game Fish Lodge, Zanzibar
  10. Weru Weru River Lodge, Moshi
  11. Bagamoyo Spice Villa, Zanzibar
  12. Escarpment Luxury Lodge, Arusha
  13. Honey Badger Lodge, Moshi
  14. Lilac Hideaway, Ngorongoro Conservative Area
  15. New Mwanza Hotel, Mwanza
  16. Simba Garden Lodge, Zanzibar
  17. Stella Maris Lodge, Moshi
  18. Homeland Swahili Lodge, Zanzibar
  19. Crater Forest Tented Camp, Ngorongoro Conservative Area
  20. Basecha Garden Lodge, Moshi
  21. Morona Hill Lodge, Arusha
  22. Ndame Beach Lodge, Zanzibar
  23. Ryan’s Bay Hotel, Mwanza
  24. Cocoa Guest House, Zanzibar
  25. Malaika Beach Resort, Mwanza
  26. Dreamer’s Island, Zanzibar
  27. Wag Hill Lodge & Spa, Mwanza
  28. Maasai Giraffe Eco Lodge, Arusha
  29. Isamilo Lodge and Spa, Mwanza

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