Tamang Culture Trek

Also known as Tamang Heritage trail, the Tamang Culture Trek takes you at the heart of Tamang culture in the Langtang region of Nepal. Himalayan Glacier’s artistically devised this trek enhances you to travel through hot springs and awe inspiring views of the snow covered Himalayas.

Enjoy with us a village homestay and cultural experiences including rituals, traditional architecture, costumes, local Syabru dances and local food and wine of the Langtang region. Trek through off the beaten track and immerse into an ancient lifestyle combining it with picturesque scenery and healing baths in natural hot springs.

Follow the trail to Tibet which was traditionally used for trade between Nepal and Tibet. While traveling like locally, meet the local people. Tamang of this region are mostly Tibetans who came from Tibet across the border and settled in Nepal. Still, the cultural and traditions of these people are similar to the Tibetan across the border.


This trekking destination comes with varieties of experience. Expose yourself in a strange way into Tamang rituals, Tibetan culture, festivals, traditional architecture, costumes, and local Syabru dances.

While viewing spectacular Himalayas on the way to the trek, do not miss the opportunities to dance with local and mingle with local culture. Enjoy purchasing local handicrafts crafted locally in the remote region of the world.

In enjoying a hot bath in the healing hot-water spring at Tatopani do not forget to spot the ancient monasteries and houses adorned with rich wood engravings at Thuman.

Experience the famous Tamang hospitality and make it an unforgettable trek of a lifetime.

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