How to Choose a Responsible Tour Operator?

Lately, “Travel” has revolutionized its concept. People won’t simply travel: they seek some aspiration and inspiration to travel to a particular place, and that counts for a tour operator. Traveling responsibly is the main agenda and manifesto for both operator and travelers. It is, therefore, the crux of tourism and travel is responsible tourism, responsible travel, and sustainable travel. Traveling responsibly implies positive impacts on the environment, culture, and people through tourism. Whether you travel with family, couple or solo, responsible travel is incorporating the strategies of Global Sustainable Tourism and ecotourism. This may involve traveling with a responsible tour operator and sustainable tourism companies that foster the local economy, promoting local culture, and lifestyle by employing local people. This also emphasizes on using hotels owned by local people instead of star-rated hotels. The bottom line is a positive impact on local people and community through travel and tourism.

Thanks to the Internet world, we can literally get everything on our fingertips. With every corner of the world on the webpages, we can decide on a destination, travel style, and tour operator. But choosing a responsible tour operator can be daunting and the question ” How to choose Responsible Tour Operator?” is more or less common in the travel world. But again the answer could be different, a lot different. What seems indispensable in Travel world today is benefitting the local community and responsible tourism to benefit local culture. How does a tour operator help in these areas, especially local economies? What role do they play to boost the economy of local people and local communities? And are their company policies apt to Global Sustainable Tourism?

In the quest to answer the questions, we’ve prepared a few best ways to choose a responsible tour operator. But first, let us get to know what it means to travel responsibly?- Responsible-Traveling is a way of contributing to the local people, nature, environment, and culture. It is a cogent reflection of environmental and cultural conservation. Promoting and Preserving the world are two authentications we will be dependent on for the ways of choosing the responsible tour operator. Here are some ways you can rely on for choosing your tour operator for the responsible tour operator:

1. See if the field staff of the company are local people or not

One of the principal things to look after would be the local staff of the company. Tour operators who have local staffs influence the local economy. Himalayan Glacier operates travels and tours with field staff who has extensive knowledge and experiences. Our field staffs are local people, dwelling in the mountainous region of Nepal, who are acquainted with the local culture and lifestyle. For South Asian destinations like Tibet, Bhutan, and India, we have the local team from respective countries.

2. Guides and Porter’s Right

A tour operator must safeguard the rights of Guides and Porter from every perspective. A responsible tour operate helps guide and porter in every way possible from uplifting their lifestyle to promoting local culture and traditions.

3. Research the price

Traveling is always concerned with money. Many times you have to adjust your budget but what counts is the quality service and your experience that lasts for a lifetime as a beautiful memory. While many of the companies try to nickel-and-dime you, we suggest you spend some time on research on the cost and be sure that you will be awarded the best value of your money. Remember going for less price can actually dwindle the quality of the travel as not all travel company can deliver what they promise with the price.

4. Go for a full-service company

Hiring a full-service company is like going on a vacation with relatives to their home. A full-service company takes care of you from the very first day until you are back home. Traveling with fun and frivolity is desirable. Imagine traveling for weeks whereby all you do is wake up, hike, ride or walk! Would not you want your tour operator do the legwork? We are here at your service. We are leading tour operator in the Himalayas since 1992 as a full-service company. Behold Why Travel with Himalayan Glacier? for more insight into our core values.

5. Find out their commitment to Social Causes

Tourism is an essential sector in the local economy and society. As an organization that has been involved in this sector for over two decades, we believe it is our duty to contribute to the Nepalese society in some way. We contribute 1% of our annual profit each year to Child Environment Nepal (CEN), a non-government, nonprofit organization committed to educating and caring for Nepali children orphaned by the Nepali civil war. For more information on this inspiring organization or to find out how you can help, please visit at www.cennepal.org.np

6. Look for certificates, awards, recognition

Apparently, certificates, awards, and recognition of the company are the only explicable measurement that can help you decide which company to choose as your travel partner. Tour operators who genuinely practice and operate responsibly are awarded and recognized based on the quality of their adventure products and business achievements. We aspire to offer the ultimate adventure thrills, excellent choice of holidays, friendliest customer assistance and responsible tourism. We are very proud to have been regularly recognized and rewarded within the travel industry for our past accomplishments.

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