Rafting session with HGT

-By Amit Dewan, Content Writer, Himalayan Glacier

“There’s time for everything!” Then there’s time for breaking the monotony of the everyday office grind, the feeling of shutting down the computer and getting off the office chair is simply rapturous. Precisely the reason, the entire team of Himalayan Glacier Trekking (HGT) took off to Charaudi on the 17th of April 2015 for a thrilling raft ride on the infamous Trishuli River. The program was initiated by the Himalayan Glacier management to infuse mutual bonding between the staff, to bring about added productivity, a healthy camaraderie and a sense of solidarity in the workplace.

Sure enough the fun began as soon as the bus hit the highway, with excited banter rousing from within the bus, as the onlookers at the highway gaped in awe. The breakfast at Hamlet consisted of succulent egg sandwiches, fries and a choice of beverages. The journey continued on towards Charaudi, exactly 81 kms from Kathmandu. By early afternoon, we reached the starting point of the rafting session all 16 of us were handed over a bright yellow helmets, paddles and life jackets. A short walk to the bank of the river, saw our trepidation rising, and the excited repartee was subsided to nervous giggles.

After a brief impart of protocol the 4 hour sensational rafting session started, the churning waters of the river and the raging torrents were met with excited shouts and light-hearted humor. Most of the rapids that we encountered had interesting names, the scariest rapids like the “Ladies delight,” “Upset 1&2” and “Surprise” were forces to be reckoned with, we can swear by their force as we witnessed one of our colleague being thrown off into the river with full force, but was pulled back to the safety quite quickly. While it was sunny, when we started, all of a sudden the rain gods decided for a furious downpour accompanied with pebble-sized hailstones, which compelled us to row to the nearest embankment and take shelter in upturned rafts. The session ended although we are craving for more.

The Himalayan River Fun Resort, was a warm abode after all the chill of hailstorm, the warm buffet lunch was heavenly. Afterwards the revelry went up until midnight, drinks passed around and stories were shared beside the blazing bonfire, finally all of us slipped into a deep slumber in cozy tents, in the afterglow of a wondrous adventure filled day.

The next day we woke up fresh, invigorated and totally ready to hit the highway back home again. After a brief photo session, we headed back to Kathmandu, with afterthoughts of re-living the moment again.

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