35 Things you must include in your packing list for Tanzania

To travel to Tanzania, the packing list is very long unless you have decided the exact purpose of your visit to this wonderful country. While there may be some similarities, but your packing list depends on what you are intending to pursue from mountaineering and safari tours to lazing in the beaches or cultural and cuisine tours, and, also on which part of the country you will be visiting.

Every town and village in Tanzania has bustling markets or craft bazaars, so it’s rather nice to leave certain space in your luggage to bring some of Tanzania’s wonderful and precious memories back home. Over packing will definitely slow you down if you intend to trek. If you miss out on some essential items, your trip may turn out somewhat nightmarish.

What do you need to carry when traveling to Tanzania?

For visiting Tanzania for a week or two, we recommend visiting the Proper Packing List for all our safari tours or trekking in Tanzania, which will provide you with a clearer picture of what you actually need to travel to Tanzania. No matter how daunting a task packing for Tanzania may be, here is a list of some essential travel items that you will need for traveling in this magnificent nation:

Passport - an important travel document during any international travel, including your travel to Tanzania

Travel Documents

1. Travel insurance for Tanzania
2. A valid Passport

Note: Tanzania provides visa on arrival to tourists. So, you can either get a pre-approved visa or the visa on arrival, whichever works best for you.


3. Travel backpack
4. Travel pouches
5. Portable charger or power surge protector
6. Travel adapter
7. Water bottle with built-in filter
8. Rain cover for backpack
9. Headlamp with spare batteries
10. Toilet paper/washing & hygiene items
11. Towel
12. Luggage locks
13. Travel camera

Clothing list for all your trips to Tanzania


14. Comfortable shoes/sport shoes/Sandals
15. Socks (Cotton)
16. Pants and Leisure trousers
17. T-shirts and windproof/waterproof trousers
18. Short and long-sleeved shirts or blouses
19. Light down jacket
20. Sleeping clothes
21. Scarf/Warm hat
22. Gloves and sunglasses
23. Rain jacket
24. Dust masks

Hiking Gear

If you are planning for a hike in Tanzania, you will also need trekking gear.

25. Trekking Poles (Collapsible)
26. Trekking Boots
27. Trekking socks and gaiters
28. Hiking pants
29. Warm, waterproof gloves
30. Sunglasses or Googles

For more, visit our complete packing list for everest base camp trek to help you choose the right trekking equipment.


31. First aid kit
32. Sunscreen cream
33. LifeStraw or steriPEN (to purify drinking water
34. Hand sanitizer
35. Personal Medications and Prescription

Apart from packing, there are many tasks you need to prepare beforehand, such as choosing where to stay, how to travel, when to travel and many more. To avoid such a hassle you can choose handcrafted travel itineraries to Tanzania by Himalayan Glacier to Tanzania, or plan your customized trip with the help of our Travel Specialists.

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