Getting inked in Nepal

Long before red hearts, colourful butterflies, oversized skulls, and misspelled names of loved ones became permanent accessories among Nepal’s urban crowd; tattoos were an important ritual in the Newar and Tharu communities. However, it took more than two decades for the body art to gain mainstream acceptance. Tattoo culture in Nepal has found a new niche among youths today. With more and more youths wanting to get inked, tattoo parlors have mushroomed like never before and unlike earlier, found market away from core tourist areas.

With new parlors mushrooming every few months, customers are spoilt for choice but there is a catch. Not all meet the international health and safety standards. The good news is that local artists determined to maintain a level of professionalism have stepped in to fill this gap. For those of you who wish to get inked in Nepal and flaunt their body art, we recommend following Tattoo Parlors:

  1. Mohan’s Tattoo Inn, Thamel
  2. Tike Jhya Tattoo, Basantapur
  3. Jads Tattoo, Thamel
  4. Gagan Tattoo Inn, Kathmandu & Pokhara
  5. Funky Buddha Studio, Thamel

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