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7 most popular landmarks of Kathmandu Valley

The seven most popular landmarks of Kathmandu valley are also recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites (culture) in Nepal. Kathmandu, the largest city of Nepal, is the political as well as cultural capital of the country. Kathmandu is a city where ancient traditions rub shoulders with the latest technological advances. However, it is the splendor...
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Capturing the true wilderness of Nepal

Do you love to explore the true wilderness of Nepal? Or are you hankering for boundless joy of “Being One with Nature” in the pristine Himalayas?  Now give a little bit breaks to your obsession and be integral part of natural beauty of Nepal. Imagine yourself the tremendous joy of dancing with wild animals, birds...
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6 Special Escapes in Nepal

Are you in search of an especial escape from your repetitive tasks of life? Are you in need of an ideal travel destination for especial escapes? Do you like to experience mountain paradise? The ideal paradise is here in the Himalayas? Make a special trip to Nepal and find yourself engaged on different sorts of...
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Explore the Top 7 Hill Stations in Nepal

Are you willing to capture the beautiful moments of your traveling experiences in the Himalayas? Do you want to rejoice with nature and culture at a time in the company of friendly people of Nepal and pristine mountain landscapes? The passionate longing is over now! Give a break to yourself and escape in the remote...
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Top 8 must see places beyond Pokhara

The top 8 must see places beyond Pokhara map out the pristine, majestic, and enchanting surroundings hilltop view stations of Pokhara Valley. Pokhara itself is a remarkable place of natural beauty. With the magnificent Annapurna range forming the backdrop and the serenity of three major lakes – Phewa, Rupa and Begnas – Pokhara is the...
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Top 6 lifetime tours of Nepal Including Kathmandu Valley

The top 6 lifetime tours of Nepal in the Himalayas combine nature, culture and adventure in a nutshell. Each of lifetime tours combine various touring activities in Nepal catering to your specific needs – sightseeing tour of the ancient Buddhist and Hindu historic places, and wildlife excursions in the subtropical jungles of Nepal. Imagine the...
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Top 6 Enticing Adventure Holiday tours of Nepal

Desiring to capture extremely wanderlust adventure holiday destination into your mind’s canvas? Now give break your patience! Divert your long awaited passion of adventure holiday towards Nepal. Adventure paradise, cultural diversity, spectacular mountain vistas, and unique cultural heritage are few names that connote to Nepal. Mountain Trekking, Mountain Flight, Jungle Safari, Cultural Activities, Village Sightseeing,...
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Top 9 Hill Stations around Kathmandu Valley

Blessed with extremely beautiful creation of nature and bloomed with majestic scene of Himalayas, Kathmandu valley possesses enthralling, and mesmerizing scenic hilltop stations. The traveling experience around those scenic hill stations will be unbeatable. The top 9 Wanderlust hill stations around Kathmandu valley are – Chovar Chovar, an attractive hill station located at the outskirt...
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Must Visit Places in Lumbini

Welcome to the Land of the Buddha! Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, still remains one of the most interesting, mysterious, enchanting, and remote parts of the world. It is also one of world’s major religious, architectural, and historical sites. In fact, Lumbini is one of four Buddhist pilgrimage sites based on major events in the...
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Lalitpur and Bhaktapur Tour

Embark on one day excursion over the remnant of medieval architectural symphonic sites of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. These two medieval cities still retain their classical auras of art, culture, lifestyle, and enigmatic architecture. This tour infuses to human creativity that emerged from the interplay of Hinduism and Buddhism into the terrain of unique Newari culture....
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