team Norbert Nestory Bahoze

Norbert Nestory Bahoze

Trekking Leaders – Tanzania
English, Swahili
Since 2010 in travel industry

Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Norbert Nestory Bahoze gives nothing but top-end services to the guests, professionalism to the company, commitment, diligence and integrity. He has succeeded to build up a solid reputation with all his past customers for good service, good humor, flexibility and safety. Norbert is very passionate about mountain climbing and out of mere passion he has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru and Ol Doinyo Lengai several times in his career span. While as a driver and safari guide, he has been to all the national parks in Tanzania leading foreign tourists.

Norbert’s passion for travel and adventure made him step into the field of tourism. He considers adventure and fun as the two basic elements in his life just like food and water. Bahoze is very particular in giving personal attention to the clients’ needs in order to make their holiday in Tanzania truly memorable. He has the ability to keep his guests entertained for hours talking about the local Tanzanian cultures and his numerous experiences in the wild. He also has an acute understanding of animal and bird behaviors with profound knowledge about the species of flora found in the national parks. Norbert is extremely excited to explain every bit of details to his guests during the trips.

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