Popular mountain expedition in Tibet

Mountain Expedition in Tibet is full of adventure and cultural experience in the Himalayas. Tibet, a land of mystery and legends, adventure and spirituality welcomes with awesome landscapes, artistic monasteries and centuries-old caravan trails. Known as the roof of the world, the mystical land of fantasy is the heart of Buddhist culture and philosophy and the most mesmerizing destinations of the world today. It is not only the geographical and natural enchants but also a long historical culture and religion that appeal the foreigners to visit Tibet at least once in a lifetime. Spiritual traditions, temples and monasteries, lakes and rivers, and mighty snow clad peaks are just a few of the intoxicating wonders to be experienced by adventurous travelers who get the opportunity to visit this high land.


Tibet is home to some of the world’s tallest mountains, several of them making it to the top ten list. The roof of the world is also popular for short trek to month long mountain expeditions. Cho Oyu Expedition and Lhakpa Ri Expedition, the most popular mountain expeditions in Tibet, test your adventure passion with offering you a chance of glorious mountain climbing experience in the Himalayas.

Cho Oyu Expedition takes you to the apex of Mt. Cho Oyu. Cho Oyu lies about 20 km west of Mt. Everest on the Nepal-Tibet border. The mountain is also known as Mt. Qowowuyag and is situated in the middle section of the Himalayas. An Austrian team first climbed Cho Oyu in 1954 followed by the Indian and German teams in 1958 and 1964 respectively. Cho Oyu consists mainly of five ridges – Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and West with the Jabula Glacier on the north, Lanba Glacier on the south, and Gecongba Glacier. For anyone who has ever dreamed of climbing one of the world’s highest 8000er mountains, Cho Oyu offers relatively easy access. Despite being the 6th highest mountain on the planet, Cho Oyu has the highest success rate among the world’s fourteen 8,000er Himalayan peaks. The ascent to the summit is short and direct with a few small technical sections which can be climbed safely using fixed lines. The access becomes easier also because of the fact that the mountain can be reached by four-wheel-drive vehicle and one can walk to the Camp 1 in hiking boots. However, climbing Cho Oyu is still a demanding undertaking, the mountain being one of the highest on earth.

Lhakpa Ri Expedition involves adventure, fun, and cultural exposure in Tibet. The Lhakpa Ri is one of the most popular climbing peaks owing to easy accessibility as well as its proximity to world’s highest mountain, the Everest.  Thus, Lhakpa is also famous as the easier cousin of Mt. Everest. Relatively rapid accessibility, easier boarding to the Base Camp, favorable directions and lower gradient give Lhakpa Ri an advantage over other 7000 m! Besides summiting Lhakpa Ri, travelers also enjoy the magnificent company of Everest, Lhotse and Makalu among others. Your expedition begins from Lhasa. You drive to the Everest Base Camp via different Tibet towns and villages. From Everest Base Camp, you set out for our Lhakpa Ri Climbing adventure. You climb along the east Rongbuk glacier sheared in three stages to the Everest Advanced Base Camp North, with intermediate Camps in between. Your initial trek along the flat glacial terrain soon leads to the steep north ridge. After summiting, you enjoy the thrill of mountain expedition in Tibet.

Beyond adventure of mountain expedition above seven-thousanders, you can also enjoy culture, people and architecture of Tibetan that thrived on at such altitude.

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