Lovely Lamjung


At approximately six hours drive from Kathmandu is Lamjung which is famous for its scenic beauty and home-stay facilities. When you get there, there are many places and sights that make you want to get settled there and not return to chaotic Kathmandu.

When I reached Besi Sahar, I took a jeep up to Tarkukot from where I walked for three hours to reach Gahete Village. I was exhausted but the warm welcome by the locals had me refreshed in minutes.

The next day, I moved on to Kaule Pani. The history of this place fascinated me. It was where, long before the unification of Nepal, around 2,200-2,400 petty principalities were merged into one kingdom.

On the third day, I walked for another six hours to get to Ghale Gaun before heading to Bhujung that lies at an hour’s drive away from Ghale Gaun. I stopped at Bhujung for lunch.

From Ghale Gaun, you can get spectacular views of the Himalayan ranges. Over the last few years, Ghale Gaun has become quite famous for its home-stay tourism hospitality. But I found Kaule Pani to be better than Ghale Gaun.

While traveling from Gahate to Sirung, you can see different species of birds, and this season you’ll get a variety of local berries on the way that you can nibble on too.
The waterfall at Syange is breathtaking.

Bhujung, with around 450 homes, is very organized and beautiful.

Overall, Lamjung is an experience that stays with you long after you’ve returned home.

Though the area itself was very alluring in terms of its natural beauty, the most shocking aspect of the entire trip was that I didn’t see a single youngster in any of the villages I went to. They had either gone abroad for studies or work, and only children and the elderly were left. This sight left me wondering if the youngsters will ever return to these villages.

Lamjung holds a lot of potential, especially for tourism, and if the government pays attention and generates employment opportunities, then it can definitely develop and prosper well beyond our imagination.

Source: myrepublica.com
Date: 22 June, 2013

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