Locals team up for preserving ancient tomes

Locals at Mudhe Sanischare VDC in the district have teamed up for preservation of 178 rare Buddhist manuscripts and 300 years old musical instruments kept at the house of a local Lama priest.

It is claimed the rare Budhist texts are not found in any Buddhist monastery or shrines.

These ancient religious texts and musical instruments have been preserved at the house of Chhetemba Lama since 150 years. It is said that 88 Buddhist priests had brought these ancient tomes and the musical instruments from a place called Boda in China.

These ancient and rare texts and musical instruments have been kept at Lama’s house due to the absence of a monastery or religious trust in the area to take them under custody.

Realising the dire need of a monastery and safeguarding these ancient manuscripts, the local community has raised fund for the construction of a monastery, the foundation stone of which was laid on Sunday coinciding with the Gyalpo Lhosar or the New Year Day of the Sherpa community.

source: gorkhapatraonline.com, 03 Mar 2014

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