Getting WIFI on the Way to the Everest Base Camp

Living without the internet is getting harder for us every day. Since we are all connected with the technology one way or the other, the fear of “No internet” ignites the feeling of disconnection and isolation.
Coming face to face with the Everest is every adventure seeker’s dream. Sharing those awesome moments with our close ones is even more enticing. Going to the Everest Base Camp Trek? Want to keep in touch with friends via Facebook and tweets? Here are some ways in which you can get some WIFI power during your Everest Base Camp trek.

Buying unlimited WIFI at overnights.

In localities like Lukla, Phakding, Dole and Namche Bazaar, you can pay a certain amount (around $ 5 U.S) to get unlimited WIFI coverage. If you forget to buy your share of unlimited WIFI in those villages, you can always do so at Thangnak and Dzongla which are villages located at a higher altitude and closer to the Everest. I bet you did not know that.


Everest View Hotel is one of those places in the region that provides free WIFI service to its customers. Look for cafes and tea houses where they have a sign-board that says “Free-WIFI” to enjoy free internet connection. Don’t expect too much, however, as you will need strong luck finding those. The internet also has a tendency of being slow because of over-connection.

Pretty expensive WIFI

WIFI starts to get more expensive as you ascend, along with other services like food and lodging. You can buy credits amounting to ½ GB of internet from Everest Link in around 8 USD in a place called Machermo. Once you reach the base camp, purchasing WIFI comes at a very high cost of around 5 USD per hour which is a popular trend around the Everest Base Camp.

Data Internet

Ncell, a private telecom company in Nepal, has been providing a high speed 3G internet service on the base camp of the Everest from 2010. For enjoying the service, you will need to buy a SIM card and activate your data. SIM cards are pretty cheap and can be bought on any of their stores around Kathmandu and other cities. Buying separate data from the phone is ideal; otherwise internet gets debited directly from your phone credit, which is expensive. 1 GB of data costs around 10 USD, which can be used across the country where network is available.

What’s more?

The Ncell 3G network can be accessed from the top of Mount Everest as well.

British mountain climber Kenton Cool tweets from the top of Everest.
British mountain climber Kenton Cool tweets from the top of Everest.

So, yes, you don’t need to dump your gazettes while you are on the journey to the Everest. Just bring some extra cash for the service. Happy climbing!

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