Expectations While Trekking in Nepal

Mountain views are the great expectation of an international trekker in Nepal. The grand peaks of mountain views and ranges depend on the trek where the travelers are trekking within Nepal. Along with grand mountain peaks, visitors also trek over many of famous Himalayan passes. Depending on the time of year, the views can be either hazy or cloudy, or pristine.

Trekking along Budi Gandaki River

Valleys are another secret of trekking in Nepal. Visitor will be trekking through some beautiful Himalayan valleys filled with exquisite scenery. Depending on the time of year the valleys will be lush and green. The magnetic Pokhara, the enchanting Kathmandu and much more other stunning valleys will host the visitors.

People of Nepal are friendly. With the cultural diversity, different locations of Nepal are inhabited by different communities of people. The innocenceness and visitors’ friendly people greet international visitors with warm hospitality.

Wildlife is the next highly anticipated expectation of visitors in Nepal. Trekkers see plenty of yak and cow above 3000 m. Rare mountain goats are often spotted high up on the sides of mountains. While all over Nepal bird watching is becoming a popular pastime. The myriad diversities of wildlife are possible to view in Nepal.

Indigenous Food Culture is distinct charm of Nepal. Unlike consumer food culture, visitors often surprise when they find themselves in a family milieu in the hilly regions of Nepal. There is plenty of good food available on all the main treks in Nepal. Every little tea-house along all the routes basically has food on offer. Examples of trekking food available in Nepal are Dhal Bhat.

Mostly Loved Climate is primary feature of Nepal. November or December to January or February is the cold season. February, March and April offer the second best time of year to go hiking in Nepal. This is full of blooming rhododendrons and other flowers in the valleys. May and June is the hot season in Nepal and it can get very warm indeed. June to September is monsoon season in Nepal. From October to November or December is the best time to go trekking in the mountain regions of Nepal. This season offers spectacular mountain views and greenness of Nature.

The exquisite hospitality, stunning mountain landscapes, green valley, indigenous food cultures, myriad wildlife, lovely climates and above all the best trekking destinations are the prime expectations of international trekkers in Nepal.

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