China to establish archive for Thangka culture

China will establish an archive for the Thangka culture of Tibetan ethnic group to rescue and protect the unique culture in Tibetan Buddhism.

Altogether 16 volumes will be compiled in the archive, according to a recent press conference on a field survey workbook of the archive held in the Tianjin University.

“The protection and inheritance of Thangka are not satisfying due to insufficient inheritors, private sales as well as inferior-quality products”, said Feng Jicai, president of China Folk Artists Association and consultant of the State Council.

To well protect the Thangka culture, the China Thangka Culture Archive was approved as a national project of 2013 with financial support.

Thangka is a traditional painting art form in Tibetan Buddhism, which is widespread in Tibet and other Tibetan-inhabited areas. Thangka has become an important part in Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan people’s life.

source: CCTV-News, 06 Jan 2014

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