Bird population up in Chitwan National Park

The population of birds in Chitwan is found to have increased by 4,046 in the past one year.

A census of the birds in the district showed that Chitwan is home to 14,078 birds in compared to the 10,032 recorded the previous year, according to Bird Education Society, Chitwan.

The number of water birds alone was found to be 6,795 in the new census, said Chairperson of the Society, Basu Bidari.

The census by the Society found 1,932 birds in Dibyanagar, 4,238 from Sauraha to Kasara, 528 in Budhirapti, 257 in Dungri khola, 202 in Lami lake, 52 in Tamor lake, 533 in Bishajari lake, 536 in Garud lake and 5,800 from Gaidahawa to Dungaghat of Sauraha.

However, three species of birds recorded in the last census was not found this time around, according to Bidari.

A total of 49 species of birds were recorded in Chitwan this year. The census was carried out between January 11 to 26 inside Chitwan National Park and nine different rivers and lakes of the district.

A total of 108 guides and boats had been employed to carried out the census coordinated by ornithologist Tikaram Giri. The Society carries out the bird census every year.

source: nepalnews.com, 28 Jan 2014

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