Drinking Water

Tap water in Bhutan is not considered safe for drinking purposes unless it is boiled or purified by some chemical agents. Bottled mineral water is readily available in hotels, small and big retail outlets and restaurants. As for foreign tourists, they’ll get bottled water from their tour agent or guide. They have several bottles in the car and you can take as much as you wish as your tour cost includes everything.

In the hotel rooms, if bottled water is not provided for free, then there should be an electric kettle for boiling water. If it doesn’t look as clean and good as expected, you can always ask your hotel for some boiled water. It is also wise to carry water purification tablets when trekking in remote locations of Bhutan. However, most of the hotels provide either mineral water or boiled water to drink. Since the tap water is not fit enough for drinking, brushing teeth is also safe if you do it with mineral or boiled water (after cooling). It is best for travelers to avoid eating salads during meals as they are likely to have been washed with tap water. If drinking bottled water, do not forget to check the seal while buying it. Avoid ice as much as possible as it could have been prepared from the normal tap water. Also avoid drinking fresh fruit juices as they may have been watered down.

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