Safety in Bhutan

The crime rate in Bhutan in extremely low and it is usually a rare occasion to witness a violence or resistance against the government thus making the political situation a quite stable as well.Bhutan is also very safe for female travelers as the local people are extremely helpful and gentle. Crime is extremely uncommon in Bhutan and the crime rate is negligibly low. Getting mugged or robbed or other incidences of serious crimes like terrorism, cars hitting pedestrians on the streets and other violent crimes are very hardly reported in the country. You won’t find any bugging shop keepers, no intense tourist traps, and no commercialized tourist sites.  Besides, you won’t find a single beggar in the entire country.

It is extremely unlikely that foreign travelers will encounter any crime incidents while traveling in Bhutan. Violent crime in the country is very rare while certain incidents of petty offence are seldom reported. Drug trafficking cases are low in the country despite the few cases of drug crimes. Cannabis consumption and trading is illegal and could land you into several years’ prison along with hefty fines.

Terrorist activities in Bhutan are negligible or almost non-existent, so chances of visitors being caught up in terrorist commotions are almost zero with mild episodes occurring in the bordering areas of Bhutan with India as well as China. The only critical deathtrap to Bhutan’s security is terrorism by different rebellious groups from India who have illegally camped in the country. Kidnappings from communities near the border areas have been reported in the past. Most tour operators do not create tour plans that take visitors to the remote areas in Bhutan especially where mutinous incidents have taken place earlier.

Bhutan is the only country in the world that has no traffic lights meaning that there are low rates of traffic accidents in the country. It is also because of the well-operated transportation system of the country. However, road accidents are frequent in Bhutan due to the geographical layout. Roads have been built on high passes and mountain tops; there are numerous hair-pin bends on the roads which are extremely treacherous. During monsoon season, landslides could cause road blockages and traveling by road becomes hazardous.

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