Bhutan lifts mandatory quarantine for incoming travelers.

The kingdom of Bhutan, arguably the most cautious country in the international community, has finally lifted its strict regulations for incoming international tourists. The Office of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet issued a press release clarifying that incoming visitors will no longer have to quarantine. The last Shangri-La had previously set in place a strict 5-day quarantine for incoming travelers.

Paro Airport in bhutan after Bhutan Government lifts mandatory quarantine

Now, in a long-awaited notice by the Ministry of Health of Bhutan, the Himalayan kingdom has introduced a hassle-free option for tourists to remain safe, and explore the country. Here are the new guidelines.

Test and Go

As per the Bhutanese government, all incoming individuals are required to fill up a Test-and-Go form and submit it to the Ministry of Health through their online portal. All Incoming travelers will be subjected to a PCR test at the first point of Entry. Some PCR test guidelines are as follows:

  • Until PCR test results come back, travelers will be placed in 24hrs observation at a hotel or a separate room at home.
  • If the test comes back negative, the traveler is free to move around the country as they please.
  • If the test comes back positive, the travel must go into 5-days of home/self-isolation.
Bhutanese Natives seen after Bhutan reopens for foreigners

24-hour observation

The 24-hour observation must be held in a virtually monitored location, with adequate ventilation and circulation of fresh air. All individuals under observation will have to follow strict COVID-19 health protocols such as:

  • Using face masks
  • Practicing regular hand hygiene
  • Regularly clean frequently touched surfaces (eg faucets, door handles)

This notice comes right after a huge announcement regarding Bhutan’s September 23 reopening from the Tourism Council of Bhutan.

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