7 reasons to go for Burma tour

Imagine traveling through a deeply spiritual society that is recently open to the outside world. Visit ever enchanting, ever intriguing Burma – the Golden Land. Explore the reasons why Myanmar still spells to the world travelers towards it. Discover is it a timeless land striving to join the modern world, or a very much traditional intact culture or a fascination history that lays its foundation on Buddhism or just being a home country of Aung San Suu Kyi – the world renowned icon of democracy. Whatever the mystery of Burma magic, we have short listed top 7 reasons that force travelers to make Myanmar Discover Tour once in a lifetime.



Rangoon, Burma’s colonial capital still retains the charm of colonial era with its intact several Victorian buildings. The expansion of latest phenomena of globalization has not touch this former capital of Burma even today. Visitors to Rangoon still can locate very much traditional charms. Wherever you go in the streets or market places of Rangoon, Burmese are still enjoying the traditional norms of life which are guided by strong faith in Buddhism. Adding to this, Shwedagon Pagoda – the 2,500 years old and probably Asia’s greatest Buddhist temple makes travelers to visit this age old city once in a lifetime.

Burmese cuisine

Burmese cuisine is another hot attraction that magnetically pulls world travelers towards it. Due to rigid political structure it has remained closed to the outside world for so many years. Hence, Burmese food culture may become strange to the outsiders. You can experience the best blend of Indian, Thai and Chinese impact in Burmese food culture. What could be more bizarre than testing Indian spicy curries, Chinese noodles and Thai dishes at a place? What you need more than the variety of taste of foods just being a traveler in a particular place.

Stupas and Pagodas

Ancient Stupas and Pagodas are other attractions of Burma that forcefully drag the visitor into its 13th century capital – Bagan. Bordered by the Irrawaddy River, this once enormous city is full of classic sites. Visitors in Began can see 3,000 ancient stupas and pagodas scattered across its serene plains which are the remains of Classic Burma.

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is another space where visitors in Burma find more than 130 ethnic groups practicing different culture and language and way of social life. Despite cultural differences some things remain the same in Burma that is Burmese are completely genuine, friendly, smiling and delightful towards the visitors.

Burma’s Lovely Beaches

Burma’s Lovely Beaches also capture the attention of those travelers who like to enjoy the beauty of mother earth in one place where all the natural and marine animals like to inhabit together. Visitors to Burma probably can enjoy world’s loveliest series of beaches with miles of pure white sands and crystal clear waters.

Rural Villages

Rural Villages in Burma are extremely popular for offering off the beaten track experiences. Just dive into the rural area of Burma and see how life goes there. You will find numerous half-timbered houses and bungalows representing the legacy of lost colonial era. Besides, you will encounter with a strange culture in which a holy man is more revered than a rock star. While travelling through the rural villages of Burma, visitors really know what does mean by Buddhist traditions and the fervor for local festivals.

Enchanting Places

Enchanting Places like Inle Lake and Mandalay truly spells the traveler in Burma. Inle Lake – the vast picturesque lake above 900 meters from the sea-level mainly attracts tourists in Myanmar. The vast mirror like surface of the lake reflects the surrounding verdant landscapes and lakeside stilt villages with colorful markets. The vicinity of Inle Lake truly reflects the image of quintessential rural Burma. Next, Mandalay – Burma’s second city equally lures the travelers.

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