team Ibrahim S. Swai

Ibrahim S. Swai

Safari Leader – Tanzania
English, Kiswahili
Since 2009 in tourism industry

Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Ibrahim S. Swai is deeply passionate about nature and has a vast knowledge of flora and fauna. Besides, he has very good information about all the national parks found in Tanzania. He knows very well about the best sites for watching animals and birds and often recommends good angles for taking the best photograph shots. Highly skillful and knowledgeable, Ibrahim has been traveling with people from different countries like the US, UK, Canada, and many others. His knowledge is impeccable as is his ability to track and approach animals during the safari tour.

Swai has the ability to keep his guests entertained for hours talking about the local Tanzanian cultures and his many experiences in the wild during his career span. He is best with his acute understanding of animal and bird behaviors and equally explodes with knowledge of the bountiful Tanzanian expanse. Ibrahim has the eagerness to learn and steps up willingly to exhibit his abilities whenever he finds an opportunity. He does not hesitate but is proud to share to share his knowledge about the history and nature of Tanzania with his clients. Swai is passionate about photography and always finds time to shoot awesome pictures on the tour from the most appropriate angles.

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Himalayan Glacier
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