Mount Everest Camp 2 Expedition Faqs

For a great start in planning a climb to the Everest Base Camp trek, it is always commendable to know a bit more of the area and grab hold of a few checkpoints as well.  These Everest Base Camp FAQs answers your most important question marks and provides tips to plan your EBC trek confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mount Everest Camp 2 is a location which is generally encountered by all Everest summiteers while on an expedition trip to scale the top of Mt. Everest. It is a unique experience for mountaineers to reach up to camp 2 as a pre-climb course for climbing the top of the world. It is also known as the Everest Advanced Base Camp on South Col. If you wish to climb Mt. Everest sooner or later, then this trip will be a perfect training or a pre-climb course where you can gain knowledge of high-altitude climbing as well as meeting Everest climbers.

The activities taken up during this trip will help climbers gain knowledge about walking on icefall, crossing ladders, and using climbing gears. On this adventurous journey, you will be heading to move ahead from the base camp to climb through the Khumbu icefall all the way to the Lhotse Face before finally reaching up to the camp 2.

Trekking in Nepal is best if done during spring or fall seasons although it can be done throughout the year. However, to undertake any of the expeditions in the country, it is not possible to do it during any other time besides the particular season. Normally, the Camp 2 expedition starts from mid-April. So, all climbers must arrive in Kathmandu by the second week of April if you wish to do this expedition. This is the best time as the weather is clear with sufficient sunlight during the day and it is less cold than in winters. There isn’t heavy snowfall to disrupt your climbing route.

Absolutely yes! Under normal circumstances, our booked trips are guaranteed to run. You will still be doing your trek even if other trekkers cancel their trip. This is the reason why Himalayan Glacier is different from other agencies, who usually cancel their whole trip a month or even a week before the trip date. We are a tailor-made company and the number of participants does not stop our operation. If your trip has been canceled by your operator and you are in a last-minute stress, remember to find us to sort out your trip decisions. Please feel free to book your stress-free holidays with us. Unless there is a situation which is out of control such as a political riot, natural disaster, pandemic, epidemic or weather catastrophes, our trips are 100% guaranteed to run.

Mountaineers who wish to embark on a fantastic expedition up to the Everest Camp 2 need to acquire high level of physical fitness along with a robust mental condition. You need to possess a certain knowledge about climbing and a bit of climbing skills too. It is necessary that all climbers complete the climbing training prior to doing the expedition. If you are a novice climber, do let us know during the time of booking a trip with us and we will make necessary arrangements for your training sessions.

Our climbing guide will give the required instructions along with all the necessary training like using boots, crampons, crossing ladders on crevasses, belaying rope, walking on icefall, and other safety training. We recommend that you do adequate exercise to acquire excellent physical conditioning as well as cardio-vascular vigor, at least 3 months prior to doing this expedition. Take up on activities like regular hiking, running, swimming, cycling or other physical sports during your exercise session. It is also good if you do some yoga classes to cure your mind, body and soul, and get rid of any psychological issues.

Firstly, you need to get your insurance in your home country as it is not available in Nepal. It is mandatory for our clients to be protected against comprehensive expenses likely to incur due to health issues, accidents, flight cancelation, trip cancelation (due to pandemic, political riots or natural calamities), to join any of our trips. However, the insurance coverage is not necessarily the same for different travel packages. For the type of insurance coverage you will need to do this trip, you can visit our travel insurance section that contains all detailed information.

The day you arrive in Kathmandu, you will stay in Hotel Yatri Suites & Spa or similar. After you leave for the mountains, you will sleep at comfortable teahouses or lodges on the trek until you reach the Everest Base camp. Since there are no teahouses or lodges at the base camp and above, you will be sleeping at comfortable twin-shared tents under the starlit sky. If you do not wish to share a room, either at your hotel in Kathmandu, or teahouses on the trail and at the tent in base camp and above, then a single supplement charge will fetch you a single room throughout.

Please note that it is quite difficult to find a single room, especially at higher altitudes, and during peak seasons unless you book your trip with us well ahead of time. Rooms at teahouses at lower elevations come with attached washrooms, but at some places teahouses may only have shared washing and toilet facilities.

On arrival in Kathmandu from your native country, we will treat you with a welcome dinner. While trekking from Lukla onwards until the Everest base camp, you will be able to enjoy authentic Nepalese food along with the more common international cuisine such as Tibetan, Continental, Indian and Italian foods. Breakfast and dinner will be provided to you at the teahouse or from a lodge menu where you will spend the night, while lunch will be given on the way to your next destination.

As there are no teahouses or lodges at the Island Peak base camp, Everest base camp, Camp 1 and Camp 2, all your meals will be prepared by our very own cook. All meals will be provided during the trek while only breakfast will be available in Kathmandu before and after the trek. Once you finish your expedition and return to Kathmandu, we will serve you a farewell dinner to celebrate the successful accomplishment of your wonderful trip in the Himalayas.

Himalayan Glacier is a specialist in tailor-made holidays for all types of travelers with decades of trekking and climbing experience under its cap. We organize private trips as and when required. We possess highly qualified Sherpa climbers who will be guiding our clients on the expedition. We provide the highest quality of food to our guests during the entire expedition. We follow the highest standard of safety operations on all our trips in the Himalayas.

We do strictly follow the principle of responsible & sustainable tourism. There are numerous reasons for choosing Himalayan Glacier as your trip organizer and for all details, you may visit our Why Himalayan Glacier section on our website.

Depending on the nature of sickness, our climbing guide will always be alert to attend to any medical calls. Our climbing guides are fully leadership trained and intensive wilderness first aid trained. If you start feeling dizzy or weak, you need to inform him right away and he knows just the right thing for you. If the guide sees the symptoms of altitude sickness on you, he will make necessary arrangements to shift you to a lower elevation immediately. While if the illness is quite severe, you may need for a helicopter rescue as well. So make sure, that you have your insurance covered for helicopter rescue too, apart from medical and personal losses.

The pre-climb training will be provided to you by our climbing guides after you have finished trekking up to the Peak Island base camp. During the training, they will demonstrate peak climbing techniques and proper ways of using climbing gears such as the ice axe, climbing boots and crampons, harness, ascender, etc. The training will also comprise techniques to use ropes to go up and down. These training experience will help boost your confidence and climbing skills and increase the chances of scaling up to Camp 2 and beyond.

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