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rafting in trisuli

Rafting session with HGT

-By Amit Dewan, Content Writer, Himalayan Glacier “There’s time for everything!” Then there’s time for breaking the monotony of the everyday office grind, the feeling of shutting down the computer and getting off the office chair is simply rapturous. Precisely the reason, the entire team of Himalayan Glacier Trekking (HGT) took off to Charaudi on...
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Pullahari—The monastery and its architectural influences

Pullahari monastery, built high on a ridge in the northern hills surrounding the Kathmandu Valley, is at the apex of the three monasteries situated in that area, starting from the Kopan monastery, which is lower down, followed by a closed off, mysterious monastery reputed to conduct esoteric tantric practices (this could be an urban myth,...
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Nuwakot, an authentic taste of rural Nepal

Nepalese sunrises are part of many a tourist itinerary. The popular hilltops of Pokhara and Nagarkot, just outside Kathmandu, are often crammed with early-morning sun seekers. Nuwakot is different; the dawn breaks in silence above Malika Hill, the shades in the sky changing from reds to oranges as if someone were adjusting the contrast in...
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White Water Rafting

Ultimate Adventure in Nepal and Tibet

Explore the heart of Nepal and Tibet; experience both Nepalese and Tibetan culture at once with our “Ultimate Adventure in Nepal and Tibet”. The trip not only encompasses sightseeing around Nepal and Tibet but also combines adventure and wildlife activities that are bound to keep your adrenaline pumping. Your adventure begins in Kathmandu as you...
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The ritual of lights at Pashupati: A spectacle worth watching

Every evening at the Pashupatinath Temple, people gather on the other side of the ghats. The entire place lights up with diyos. It’s the time for arati that’s been held every day for the past eight years. The arati ritual consists of two parts: music and light. With three musicians playing a flute, a harmonium...
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kathmandu durbar square

Experience Nepal: Your Dream Holiday

For decades, travelers and trekkers worldwide have been captivated by the enigmatic history, fascinating Himalayas, alluring culture and warm people of Nepal. Experience Nepal like no other with our eclectic mix of adventure, diverse landscape and exotic culture! Here are some of the noteworthy attractions not to be missed from our Experience Nepal Tour: UNESCO...
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Voluntering Teaching

Travel and Volunteer in Nepal

What could be more rewarding than spending your vacation exploring the richness of Nepali culture, lifestyle and enhancing cross cultural understanding while volunteering in the community itself? A unique opportunity for cultural exchange, Himalayan Glacier not only takes you to exotic locales but also connects you with exciting volunteering opportunities to share your life experiences,...
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Bhaktapur: A city waiting to be rediscovered

A mere 10 kilometers from Kathmandu, Bhaktapur reveals itself in myriad forms to the hungry eye, that you got to persevere to explore the uncharted pathways and take in the little wonders that this ancient habitat has to offer, besides the touristy glam. Bhaktapur, literally translated, means ‘City of Devotees’. A prominent seat of the...
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Capturing the Wild

Capturing wildlife is a very challenging form of photography, and wildlife photographers need good field craft skills. Some animals are difficult to approach, and thus knowledge of the animal’s behavior is crucial in order to be able to predict its actions. Besides that, it also requires a lot of patience which not many can boast...
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Kathmandu Weekend Indulgence

We bring you a few simple ways in which you can turn your weekend into a spark that turns into a happy blaze to keep you warm and glowing throughout the week. Here are 5 exciting places to indulge and invigorate yourself: Go Kart Racing We do realize that the traffic in the streets of...
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