May 6, 2021 - Himalayan Glacier


May 6, 2021
Traveler at the airport during global pandemic; travel safely during Covid-19

How to travel safely during COVID 19 Pandemic?

After being locked down for more than a year following the pandemic, many people want to stretch out their legs and resume traveling again. However, the situation around the world is not yet back to normal.  Governments all over the world imposed new travel warnings. But the situation is slowly getting better. Some countries have...
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Everest Base Camp Trek during the COVID-19

Can I Do The Everest Base Camp Trek During The COVID-19 Pandemic In Nepal?

Latest Update: Nepal saw its second surge in April 2021, and a second phase lockdown got imposed from 29 April 2021. So, Traveling to Nepal is restricted until further notice. Traveling has been really hard all around the world due to the ongoing global pandemic. Many travelers had to cancel their trips, even in Nepal...
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