Himalayan Glacier Employee Package

A creative way to get the team together and foster creative thinking

Why not add the thrill of adventure to your employees’ well-being?

Traveling helps us rejuvenate. Adventure Travel, amongst the other form of travel, is the best way to ensure physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
  • Team building treks for better teamwork.
  • Training outside the regular environment to boost creativity
  • Subtle way to strengthen bond between stakeholders/partners

Why Himalayan Glacier Employee Package ?

Because out-of-the-box thinking requires out-of-the-box training


Employee Well-Being

Plenty of scientific researches show that hiking has a positive impact on combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety!
Team Building

Team Building

Bonds forged in nature last a lifetime. In an unfamiliar place, we find the importance of familiar faces!
Creative Training

Creative Training

A yoga session on top of a hill, a challenging hike to the foothills of the Himalayas, fresh air and organic food, all ingredient to replenish you and your team members’ creativity, energy and spirits. All this and you and your brand helping the local communities and the environment.
Team Building Adventure

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    Why Himalayan Glacier

    Why we stand out from the rest? With us, you can explore the world your way
    Small Group

    Small-Group Size

    For more intimate and bonding experience and to ultimately give more possibilities to interaction with your leader and make a reduced environmental impact, we emphasize on small-group size including solo trips. 

    Personalized Service

    Personalized Service

    As a family-owned and operated adventure & travel company, we are more focused to ensure the best experience possible during every phase of your trip. You will come as a guest and go as a family! 

    Safety Measures

    Safety Measures

    We are the #1 adventure & travel company that abides with the international safety protocols in consideration with the physical and logistical challenges associated with high-altitude adventuring on a foreign land. 

    Responsible & Sustainable

    Responsible & Sustainable

    We focus all our adventure holidays keeping in mind the benefit of the local communities. We employ local people and strive to protect the environment and respect local traditions, religion and heritage.

    Planning a Trip?

    We have a pool of travel experts working in this industry for more than a decade. Consult to get started.

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