Why travel to Nepal?

Nepal keeps all the treasures for a great adventure experience for travelers of any age. From the highest mountain on earth, Mt Everest, to the world’s only living goddess, the Himalayan nation of Nepal has fascinated travelers of all ages for many years. Nepal is the perfect destination to learn, to inspire and to enjoy.


From a geographic view, over 50% of the Himalayan mountain range sits within Nepal, including eight of the world’s 14 highest mountains that are over 8000 m.

Would you like to experience the hidden treasures and diversities of Nepal? Then, visit at Himalayan Glacier

  • to trek the world’s highest mountain range, the Himalaya
  • to see the world’s tallest mountain – Mt Everest
  • to witness the world’s only living goddess, the Kumari
  • to experience Hindu and Buddhist cultures
  • to tread around UNESCO World Heritage listed sites in this tiny nation
  • to visit Lumbini-the birth place of Gautama the Buddha

Travel to the land of Gurkhas and explore its natural, cultural, historical, architectural, and archaeological wonders.

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