Activities in Tibet

Roof of the World

Tibet is literally the highest nation on earth. The country’s first Buddhist monastery at Samye and the world’s highest monastery at Rongbuk leaves a remarkable impression on all visitors. The stunning Himalayan views, the sacred Mount Kailash, the high plateaus and the extraordinary people make Tibet one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Lhasa is a magical city to explore many significant religious and cultural sights, including the Potala Palace, the ancestral home of the Dalai Lama. Mount Everest, with its north face, presents its most spectacular views attracting mountain lovers.
Tibet is a perfect destination for travelers seeking adventurous overland tours and peace in the remote areas while embarking on a spiritual journey. Himalayan Glacier will take you beyond the tourist trails, tracing the hidden corners making your travel to Tibet an unforgettable experience.

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