Trek through the Hidden Land of Dolpo

Explore the ‘Hidden Land’ of Dolpo region and find yourself amidst the remote Himalayan valleys, Tibetan culture, snow capped peaks, pristine lakes and rich wildlife. The name Dolpo comes from ‘Ba Yul’, meaning the ‘Hidden Land’. True to its name, Lower Dolpo remains a hidden treasure till date owing to its pristine beauty, rugged charm and remoteness. Lower Dolpo Trek which starts and ends in Juphal is a moderately strenuous walk along the lower part of Dolpo. Located North West of Nepal on the isolated corner of Trans-Himalayan zone, this trek takes you through spectacular high passes, ancient isolated villages, buddhist monasteries, yak caravans with Tibetan plateaus and Himalayas providing you a panoramic backdrop. Dolpo region preserves one of the last remnants of traditional Tibetan culture till date where the pre-Buddhist Bon-Po religion is still in practice.

High mountains including the Dhaulagiri massif to the southeast surround this spiritual sanctuary. While on this trek, you find yourself surrounded by the high and isolated Himalayan valleys that resemble the Tibetan highlands. The trek crosses three high passes of this region such as Kangmara La (5115m), Numa La (5159m) and Baga La (5190m) offering you picturesque views of Dhaulagiri, Kanjiroba and Annapurna range. Dolpo is also home to popular Shey Phoksundo National Park whereby you can visit the protected area and witness wide assortment of flora and fauna like snow leopards, Himalayan tahr (mountain goat) and blue sheep to name a few. While on this trek, you will also come across the tranquil deep-blue Phoksundo Lake, the deepest lake in the entire region. Traverse along the rugged trails and remote valleys of the Dolpo region for a surreal adventure in the distant highlands.

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