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Pawan Basnett

HR Manager/Content Writer - Nepal
Nepali, English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi
Travel industry since 2011

Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Pawan worked for various organizations while in India and after he returned to Nepal in 2011, he got attached with his clandestine passion in travel and tourism industry. While growing up, he often found himself stockpiled under books and magazines, reading various narratives, chronicles and fairytales while scribbling some of his own snippets and editorials. Constant involvement with words turned him into a prolific writer and a wordsmith who took delight in manipulating vocabulary and phrasal management. Today, he also heads the human resources department and coordinates the administrative functions of the company.

Pawan was always passionate about graffiti, prose and tabloids. His passion for writing gradually progressed and he never stopped doing what he loved. Finally in 2017, he landed in Himalayan Glacier as a content writer and gradually took over an additional responsibility of the human resources department too. Basnett is very fond of traveling to new places, meeting new people and learning about new culture and traditions. Apart from writing and traveling, he is a reader, cook, gardener and a great music lover. When not at work, one can usually find him in the garden, cooking new dishes, reading a book or engaged in musical stuff.

“Nothing beats the feeling that I get when headed out to explore somewhere new”.

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