SteriPEN Water Purifier Perfect Choice for Backpacking, Hiking or Traveling

SteriPEN technology, smart water purifier available at various sizes and designs is milestone for the safety of backpackers around the world. SteriPEN technology has been tested by the Water Quality Association (WQA). SteriPEN won WQA’s Gold Seal award certifying that it purifies water safely and effectively.

SterinPen-water purifier
SteriPEN-the perfect choice for purifying water. 

It’s the same technology used by leading bottled water manufacturers in major cities in the U.S., Europe and Asia to purify water. WQA’s extensive testing has proven SteriPEN to be safe and effective, eliminating over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa that cause water-borne illness.

SteriPEN’s technology and its products are trusted by outdoor athletes for over a decade for fasted, lightest, easiest water treatment solution. It is the world’s smallest, lightest UV water purifier even can be utilized while trekking to the top of the world, Mt. Everest. It is because the technology ensures safe use and provides purification even at the coldest of waters. When camping, backpacking and hiking, if travelers do not have access to the power grid for several days a time, it will be the adventure option.

For domestic and international, it is a perfect choice for backpacking, hiking or traveling. It is in the sense that SteriPEN is portable, simple, eco-friendly and requires no batteries to purify 1L of water in 90 seconds. Above all SteriPEN uses ultraviolet light to destroy viruses, bacteria and protozoa and leaves no chemicals aftertaste in the water.

To brief, SteriPEN, a proven technology, a proven effective and a proven durable delivers the most seamless results even at the height of Mt. Everest. It is the smart solution for the smart backpackers.

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