Organic Village Tour

Are you really in haunt of organic village tour into deeper facets of Nepalese culture? Browse Himalayan Glacier’s uniquely devise itineraries that escort you into cultural hospitality of rural Nepal and enjoy organic taste of locally made organic dishes.

Himalayan Glacier’s Organic Village Tour allows you to experience a stay in a typical Nepalese village. Basically, you get a real chance to stay in home of the villager and get delicious locally prepared food and drink and comfortable accommodation. Each dish is carefully improved upon and cared for over the years.

We, as far as our best, try to cater only organically grown vegetables, rice found in local farm. Furthermore while enjoying organic taste of Nepal, you will also get a chance to interact with the villagers and get to know their culture, tradition and way of life first hand. Beside in submerging with local people, you also contribute directly to the welfare of the village which is directly beneficial for local peoples.

The overall theme of the Organic Village Tour extensively compliments the food and taste of Nepal.

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