Nepal at Antarctica Expedition 2013

Swati Lohia, a Nepalese woman is at ‘Antarctica Expedition 2013’. The event, Golden Jubilee celebration of the first ascent of Mount Everest began on 28 of February and last till to March 13. The expedition aims to create awareness on climate change at global level.

international Antarctic Expedition 2013
International Antarctic Expedition 2013

The representative from Nepal made her presence at the event with Nepalese flag and message from Nepal. As the country’s tourism ambassador‚ Lohia extended the message at celebration of the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Ascent of Mt. Everest. Further, the expedition’s participants have program to visit the unique landscape and see the wildlife on the continent and observe how climate change has rendered its ecosystem at risk.

Such creative participation even from country like Nepal reveals mutual responsibilities towards the delicacies of nature. Such effort brings all the international community of states to rethink over human irresponsible activities made against nature and there by its dark consequences to the entire planet.

Source: The Himalayan Times


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