Mustang likely to be linked with Tibet through road network

The National Planning Commission (NPC) has planned to link Mustang district with Corolla of Tibet, the autonomous region of People’s Republic of China, within the current fiscal year.

According to Commission Secretary Yubraj Bhusal, preparations are on to expand road network from the Mustang border point to Corolla.

Only the construction of 2 kms of roadway is left to open a 175 kms track from Beni Bazaar to Corolla and the construction is expected to complete within the current fiscal. Works on a war-footing level are going on to link the country with Tibet through the road network, Secretary Bhusal added.

A new dimension will be added to Nepal-China relations and trade activities will go up once the construction of new roadway completes.

Similarly, the construction of 75 kms Bakamalang section along the 435 kms Gaidakot-Thambesi-Bulingtar-Dedhgaun-Rakuwa route has reached the final phase. Likewise, construction of Palpa section along the 88 kms Bakamalang-Ridi route is expected to complete soon.

The NPC is hopeful of completion of Ridi-Rundrabeni-Arbeni Purtighat-Palungkhola and Palungkhola-Belbagar-Lauwa, Sumsa-Banjhkheti-Jaiminighat- Maldhunga roads within the current fiscal year.

source: nepalnews.com, 16 Feb 2014

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