Mt. Kailash in Tibet – the Most Attractive Cultural Destination

Located in the west of Tibet, Ngari is known as the “roof of the world” because its average altitude is over 4,500 meters. In the vast, desolate land of Ngari stands a snow-capped mountain shaped like an enormous pyramid. This is Mt. Kailash, the main peak of Gangdise. With an altitude of 6,656 meters, it is one of the most beautiful mountains in Tibetan Plateau, and listed as one of the must-see places for a tour to Tibet.

Mt. Kailash is called Gang Rinpoche in Tibetan, meaning “Mountain of God”. This mountain is said to be the place where Sakyamuni practiced Buddhism, so it is regarded as the most sacred mountain and the “Center of the World” by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, ancient Jainism, and Bonism. Over the last few decades, it has been a hot destination that pilgrims and outdoors enthusiasts yearned for.

Pilgrims believe that to walk around the mountain for one circle can erase their sins of a lifetime, while 108 circles break the cycle of rebirth and assure one of nirvana at death. If one walks around it in a year of the horse, one round is equal to 13 rounds because the horse is the zodiac symbol of Buddha Sakyamuni. 2014 is the next year of the horse in Tibetan calendar and may attract over 60,000 pilgrims to travel to Mt.Kailash. Moreover, one can accumulate much more merits if walking around the mountain on the 15th day of the fourth month than any other date in Tibetan calendar, for the date was when Sakyamuni was born, got enlightened, and attained Nirvana.

Not far from the mountain lies a picturesque lake Manasarovar which is also regarded as a sacred destination. Therefore, this place is scenically and culturally attractive. A three-day trekking trip around the mount is the best way to explore it fully. The greatest time is summer and autumn when the weather is pleasant for outdoors activities and the scenery is also amazing. Now Tibet Travel CITS has launched Kailash tour packages for the holy year of 2014.

source: Tibettravel.Org, 22 OCT 2013

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