Manaslu, the most beautiful and rarely visited region in the Himalayas

Wishing to embark on a journey to the most beautiful and rarely visited region in the Himalayas!

Manaslu Region offers a perfect combination of rich cultural heritage, supreme Himalayan beauty, and diverse mountain flora and fauna. We take you to the borderlands with Tibet, and enhance to experience Tibetan style culture, great mountain views and extensive forests on this stunning region.

Mt Manaslu
Mt Manaslu

The travel ascends through Budi Gandaki river to Larkya La Pass 5213m with attractive views of Himalchuli, Manaslu 8118m, Ganesh Himal and other mountains.

The regions and villages through which we pass are predominantly Buddhist, and the remote areas surrounding Manaslu Base Camp are among Nepal’s most beautiful, and with restricted access we see only a limited number of trekkers.

Join Himalayan Glacier’s highly customized travel itineraries to the Manaslu region in the Himalayas. The journey in this part of the Himalayas will be rewarding, thrilling, and full of adventures.

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