Inspired Journey in Kathmandu

A Newari woman weaving cotton
A Newari woman spinning cotton

The inspired journey in Kathmandu valley will be full of special encounters. The sense of a pure culture, which has remained untouched by foreign invasion, is almost palpable in Kathmandu. The journey entwines between and among the historic palaces and modern art galleries before going beyond to the Himalayas for complete tranquility.

Our personally guided tour leads to some of Kathmandu’s most treasured secrets with exclusive access to galleries and museums to help visitors access the city from a local perspective. Furthermore, Bhaktapur is renowned for its handwoven fabrics, especially fine cotton. Since the ancient Malla era, the natives here have developed a unique style of spinning, weaving and dyeing techniques. The skill has been handed down through many generations and it is a wonder to watch these artisans at work.

Patan’s Durbar square, the oldest of the three Durbar squares in the Kathmandu Valley displays much of Nepal’s most striking and sacred art. One of the highlights of this beautiful landmark is the Royal Palace, which was home to the Malla Kings of Lalitpur.

The inspired journey at Himalayan Glacier covers the depths of cultural traditions, art and architectures, and legacy of medieval Nepal.

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