India Eyes on Faith Tourism

India is planning to promote faith tourism by developing more religious tourist circuits to attract foreign travelers and encourage greater domestic traveling that has seen double digit growth in recent years assisting the local economy.

The Indian government is making efforts to promote pilgrimage tourism from ASEAN countries to Buddhist centers. Other circuits could be the Sufi centers and the British-era war cemeteries in the country. There are also plans to connect pilgrimage centers in the North with those in the South.

Amritsar Golden temple
Amritsar Golden Temple

While identifying and developing the circuits, efforts would be made to plug infrastructure gaps and provide necessary facilities to tourists. In market promotion level, India has gain tremendous amount of digital space.

After the downturn following the world financial crisis and Mumbai terror attack, foreign tourist arrivals have been on the rise and the government wants to maintain the momentum by developing more sites. According to the Planning Commission Working Group on Tourism, India is targeting one percent of world tourist arrivals by the end of 2017.

According to WTTC, nearly 40 million Indians are employed in tourism. Recognizing this and the significance of the industry, the government relaxed its tourist visa rules by lifting restrictions imposed on foreign visitors.

And as more business is taking place at the digital space, the Indian Tourism Ministry would soon come out with a website listing important tourist destinations in India and facilities available there.

Source: IANS

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