Everest Base Camp Trekking- A must on Your Bucket List

Everest Base Camp trekking should be on everyone’s bucket list. If you love the outdoors and are fit to boot then what is holding you back? Pack your bags, head to Nepal and fall in love with the mountains.

Gokyo lake
One of the five Gokyo lakes on the way to EBC

I was scared of the journey before even undertaking it. I understood that if I was given the opportunity to be so close to Mount Everest then the journey was bound to be difficult. But being an admirer of the mountains there was no way that I was going to let this opportunity pass. I trained for a month. It wasn’t a heavy workout routine. On the contrary, it was quite simple. I ran 1 km everyday and took stairs instead of elevator at work.

My journey began at Lukla. The first day of trekking was fairly easy to help for acclimatization. But, as we ascended to greater heights the journey started to get a little daunting. Suffice to say that Everest Base Camp Trekking brings out mixed feelings in you. Sometimes the trek is tough but then you get to see the world’s spectacular mountain scenery. We lodged in several local tea houses that served us good food and accommodation. On our way to the Everest base camp, we traveled through villages set against the breathtaking mountains and got to know the unique culture of the Sherpas along the way.

The summit soars so high (8848 sq km) that trekking to its base camp was still an adventure of the highest sort. I joined Himalayan Glacier on a 17 days trekking to Everest base camp which is ideal for novice trekkers with normal physical fitness like me but if you are energetic with good attitude and physically fit, 14 days Everest base camp trekking will be perfect for you. Plus, if you are willing to take up more challenge and “stay off the beaten path,” Himalayan Glacier’s “Everest Base Camp Trek via Gokyo Lakes-18 days” would be ideal. But if you live for adventure and would welcome a challenging route that crisscrosses some of the most famous high passes in the world, you definitely need to consider the “Everest High Passes Trek”.


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