What makes Everest Advanced Base Camp Trek different from the regular Base Camp Trek?

Know before you go: Facets of the Everest Advanced Base Camp Trek
For those wondering what Everest Advanced Base Camp Trek on the North Face might be like – it is the highest adventure trek in the world. North Face refers to the term ‘on the Tibet side,’ while from the Nepal side is described as the South Face. This incredible journey to the base of the North Col via the East Rongbuk Glacier is found nowhere else on earth. The reason behind it is merely because one can hike on a trail up to such high elevations without any mountaineering skills. Also, it is not mandatory to be geared up with crampons or ice axes though it may take you as close to the summit of Mt. Everest. In other words, this is the highest place on earth that can be reached by any non-expedition team, and without any extra training and technical climbing gears.

Best time to head out on an adventurous spree on the North Face of the colossal Everest is definitely in autumn before the snow starts to sprinkle rampantly, thereby disrupting smooth passage on the undulating trails. Some people label the trip from Lhasa to Everest Advanced Base Camp via ancient towns of Shigatse, Gyantse, and Shegar or Rongbuk as ‘lousy.’ Those who term it lousy could do the Advanced Base Camp Trek on the north side as a tourist, rather than as a ‘trekker.’ It could take them up to the base camp by road and then just walk for one day. But considering the case on a trekker’s point of view, the journey to the highest walk-able place on earth could turn out a journey of a lifetime.

While on the north side, one can arrive at the foot of the high ridge of the Himalayas by car, from the south side in Nepal, the trekker has to walk up the valleys between high mountains for several strenuous days. From the north, there is a paved road on the Tibetan plateau all the way up to the Everest Base Camp, apparently making the experience differently audacious. Tibetan side of the Advanced Base Camp indeed is higher, but on the contrary, it is just a day’s walk away.

It is not as wise to make comparisons between trekking from the north side or the south side, as both areas have matchless features and prominent ways to amusements. Nonetheless, the north side visit wouldn’t be dubbed a trek in the real sense to what the Nepalese trek is, as would be seen by trekking enthusiasts. However, the implication does not point out in referring to Tibetan side of the Everest as abysmal or terribly bad. Neither does it hint out that Tibet is not exciting, but if it is trekking and experiencing the mountains that you prefer over the awful road trips and cultural tours, then Nepalese side is undoubtedly the trekker’s choice.

The following few significant aspects you need to know before you get onboard on the Advanced Everest Base Camp from Tibet side:

  • Views from the Tibetan plateau are remarkable and a photographer’s paradise.
  • Encounter a picturesque mosaic of tiny Tibetan settlements, nomadic herdsmen, the vast arid plains and stunning mountain peaks.
  • Three nights in Lhasa allowing plenty of acclimatization time and easy admittance to the city’s significant landmarks including the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Temple.
  • Visits to prehistoric monasteries illuminating rays of cultural interest.
  • Fascinating road trips to immaculate turquoise colored heavenly lakes like Yamdrok Tsho.
  • Inexplicably incredible high passes offering astonishing views of nature’s

Why don’t you walk on the highest trek in the world to experience first-hand experience? It is not as difficult as the preceding phrase ‘highest trek’ may mislead you!

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