Escorted Tour of India

India, an incredible destination, is a melting pot of sights, musics, colors and experiences. The core of this escorted tour is indisputably the Taj Mahal, built to house the tomb of Emperor Jahan’s wife. Furthermore, see the tigers of Ranthambore National Park, traverse through the Rajasthan forts and palaces of the Moghul empire and the more recent British colonial influence.

Roam around Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, known as the pink city and visit the Maharajah’s City Palace and the great Amber Fort.


Continue your tour on to Shimla, the summer capital of India during the British rule. Victorian engineers managed to build one of the marvels of Indian Railways, the 96-kilometre narrow-gauge line to Shimla, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Taste the genuine Indian cuisine from a simple hot chapatti fresh from the oven to the delicate spices of a sweet rice pudding.

Experience the wonder of the extraordinary Taj Mahal and see the magnificent tigers of the Ranthambore National Park on Himalayan Glacier’s fascinating escorted tour to some of India’s most startling sights

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