Top 5 Adventure Treks to Go for 2014

Go for mountain adventure treks in the spectacularly grandest Himalayan region of the world for 2014. The top 5 adventure treks to go for 2014 are in Nepal and Tibet. Nepal, a perfect destination for adventure holiday, prides itself in keeping the majestic range of the Himalayas including the major tallest peaks in the world....
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See our top 15 picks in the Himalayas

Still waiting to get wanderlust adventure? We have got your adventure dream of the year in the Himalayas. Himalayan Glacier’s top 15 picks present this year’s must-trek adventures. Our top 15 picks cover cross-border trek of India, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. What could be your interest for traveling in the Himalayan region – cultural, recreational...
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Norbulinka, the summer palace of the Dalai Lama

10 Inherent Facts about Norbulingka

Norbulinka, the summer palace of the Dalai Lama, lies in a quiet and beautiful garden in the west part of Lhasa. Norbulingka represents confluence of Tibet and inland cultures. The well preserved murals, superb mandalas and frescoes are fascinating sights not to miss. One particular mural inside depicts the history of Tibet and all the...
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15 Things You Must See in Lhasa

Go ahead and indulge! See the ideal ways to explore the City of Spiritual Awareness, including an Explore Lhasa Tour, where you enjoy spiritual delights. Spend some quality time with someone you love in the Himalayas. Lhasa is a unique and spiritual city. After a thousand years of turmoil, it has managed to retain its...
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6 reasons that make nice winter tour of Tibet

Are you making a plan for winter Tibet tour? Do you want to cover the “Roof of the World” at your Explore Tibet or Explore Lhasa tour in this winter? Do not worry? Tibet welcomes you in this winter with hospitable environment despite being cold season. Because of the high altitude, Tibet is known as...
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Top 9 Tibet Escapes

Would you like to make a top Tibet escape in the tallest pristine mountain region of the world? The top Tibet escapes help you to traverse through Tibetan mountains, cultures, religions, local people, age-old monasteries, and different untouched lakes. Tibet, the mystical land of spirituality, is the heart of Buddhist culture and philosophy. The Roof...
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Top 10 must see landmarks of Tibet

Explore Tibet and behold it’s the top 10 must see landmarks. While discovering the top 10 must see landmarks of Tibet you will capture the true essence of why Tibet is still so mesmerizing destination for the world travelers. The moment you start to explore Lhasa – the capital city of the Roof of the...
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Top 7 Tibet Overland Tours

Tibet, the mystical land of spirituality, is the heart of Buddhist culture and philosophy. The Roof of the World is the most mesmerizing destinations not only for the geographical and natural enchants but also for long historical, culture and religion traditions. Spiritual traditions, temples and monasteries, lakes and rivers, and mighty snow clad peaks are...
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traveling independently in tibet with a tour guide because you cannot travel tibet without a tour guide

7 cultural precautions while travelling to Tibet

Tourism industry is integral part of Tibetan economy. The unique Tibetan culture and the spectacular highlands found in Tibet play the significant role to boom Tibet’s tourism industry. Travelers from around the world find some unique attractions in Tibetan lifestyle and the way of living. Culture exists in difference and it keeps human sensibilities. Paying...
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Trek to corners of Tibet

One of the most iconic Tibetan experiences is to take the classic, rugged crossing of the Tibetan Plateau linking the fabled city of Lhasa with the bustling and vibrant city of Kathmandu in Nepal. In the company of our Tibetan speaking guides you experience the cultural highlights of Lhasa before setting off across the roof...
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