Nepal at OTM and TTF Mumbai 2013 Fair

Nepal made its presence in India’s largest international Travel and Trade Fair held in Bombay Exhibition Centre from 8 to 10 February 2013. The grand event was also attended by over 900 travel and tourism exhibitors from 26 countries. Nepal remained one of the feature countries along with Canada, Philippines, Maldives, Egypt, Macau, Indonesia and...
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Mera Peak Climbing

Mountain Climbing in Nepal

It is a magnificent experience for any mountain climber to stand on top of a Himalayan peak, especially so in high Himalayas which are abundant in Nepal. It offers one a sense of achievement and a sense of pride. In 1978, Nepal Mountaineering Association designated a number of peaks throughout Nepal as ‘trekking peaks’ which...
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Crave for the Mostly Revisited Treks of the World in Nepal

Nepal with its pride of glorious Himalayas garland international visitors to the depths of unimaginable imagination. Either it is the dream to be at the top of the world or to get victory over vastness of nature; Nepal offers intractable beauty of wonders of Himalayas. Nepal’s mostly revisited top ten trek destinations have proved to be awe-...
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Kakani Attraction of Northwest Kathmandu

Kakani, a hill station located about 24 kilometers northwest from Kathmandu can take you away from the hustle bustle of Kathmandu and rejuvenate those who wish to have short excursion. The nearest destination from Kathmandu with spectacular scenery offers smart choice for a day hiking. Spectacular views from Kakani While on the way to Kakani,...
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Visit to Chitwan National Park, a World Heritage Site

Chitwan is an inner Terai valley nestled between the Mahabharat and Siwalik Ranges and is famous for housing Chitwan National Park (CNP) which was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. The park is rich in varieties of flora and fauna and also holds an important place in preserving the wild lives...
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Cultural Heritage for Tourism

At the present context, the chemistry between cultural heritage and tourism is inseparable to boost the economy of a state, to refuel the cultural traditions and to sustain the industry itself. Cultural heritage encompasses those practices, expressions, knowledge, and skills along with associated objects and cultural spaces that transmitted through generations and constantly recreated within...
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Himalayan Glacier Storms at 2013 Mumbai Marathon

Himalayan Glacier with its representative Mr. Mingmar Tamang is at mega extravaganza 2013 Mumbai Marathon with the mantra of marathon for tourism in Nepal. Mr. Tamang is participating at the grand event with the creative sponsorship of Gauri Jayaram, an amateur athlete and traveler from India. Mingmar Tamang The 10th edition of the Standard Chartered...
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Inevitability of Arun Valley Trail

Arun Valley Trail is another new trajectory to encompass the majestic enchanting heights of nature’s hidden secrets which lie at the north eastern part of Nepal. The Arun Valley Trail is yet to uncover the mysteries of nature’s gift to the gourmet of nature. This demanding trail passes through the beauty of the regions, outstanding...
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Human Rights Approach to Tourism

“With a record 467 million tourists traveling in the first half of 2012, international tourism remains firmly on track to reach one billion tourists by the end of the year.” (UNWTO) The mentioned fact reveals the figure of massive transnational movement of international visitors within 2012. The major investors in tourism industry promote their products...
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Woman Trekking Guide Leads The Way in Nepal

Started Ten Years Ago A decade ago in when Saraswati Biswakarma first began plying her trade as a trekking guide she was met with some considerable resistance from her male counterparts. They would quite often remind her that she was taking a job which was considered male only territory. The 28-year-old guide explains, ”’You’ve snatched...
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