Plane refueling in Tribhuwan International Airport

How To Get Entry Visa For Traveling In Nepal With 72hr PCR Test?

Nepal, the Himalayan country is a hub for trekkers & mountaineers, that offers the best trekking and traveling experience in the world. Besides trekking and mountaineering, people love to visit this amazing country to experience its rich culture, diverse ethnical people, and medieval arts and architectures of its own.  And tourists also love to visit...
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Nepalese Climbs K2 peak in Winter for the first time

Nepali Mountaineer Team Making History as They Top First in K2’s Winter ascent

Nepali anthem echoes at the summit of K2 mountain. The team of 10 mountain climbers from Nepal climbs the world’s most fearest peak, K2. Nepali Climbing Team makes history, by finishing first in K2 Winter ascent. Nepalese people especially, Sherpas are exceptional at mountain climbing. And this time, they made history by conquering the peak...
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Covid 19

Coronavirus(COVID19) Travel Updates [UPDATED: NOV, 2020]

Last updated on 15 March 2020, 11:30 hours Travelers may have a lot of questions about the novel coronavirus impacts on their impending travel plans or for those who have been planning to travel in a month or two. Here, we have tried to help you to understand more about how the COVID-19 disease may...
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Is There Corona Virus In Tanzania

Is Tanzania Affected By Coronavirus? [UPDATED: NOV, 2020]

The total count of validated coronavirus cases worldwide has reached more than fifty million of which more than thirty million have recovered. In Africa, 47 countries have been affected by coronavirus with total reported cases of around 1.4 million. There’s been a slight increase in COVID-19 infections in Africa over the past few weeks. The...
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Security check during covid

Is there a Coronavirus in Nepal? [UPDATED: NOV, 2020]

The current spread of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has been keeping each one of us on the edge of our seats. And why wouldn’t it! The status quo of the contagious syndrome is incurable, yet incessant efforts of the medics and researchers worldwide to formulate a treatable vaccine are endless. The confirmed cases globally have exponentially...
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Australian Bushfire: How can you help?

Australia is burning. It is facing an unprecedented national crisis. The bushfire that engulfed Australia’s all six states in months has torn apart the rural communities destroying over 1500 households. More than two dozens people have lost their lives so far.  A number of towns have been evacuated as high temperatures and strong wind initiate...
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World Record Everest Climber

World Record Everest Climber Kami Rita Sherpa-Brand Ambassador of Himalayan Glacier

Kami Rita Sherpa is not a new name in the mountaineering fraternity. Placing his name in the Guinness Book for Everest record holder, his two summits in 2019 make it up to 24 times. It was in the year 1994 that Kami made it to the top of Mt. Everest for the first time when...
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Prince Harry in Nepal

Prince Harry on 5 day visit to Nepal: ‘Your Country Holds a Special Place’

A long awaited prediction comes true; His Royal Highness Prince Harry is finally in Nepal, which I can say on behalf of all Nepalese, is a pleasure. Kensington Palace had released a statement earlier this year about the visit without disclosure of dates. He landed in Kathmandu on Saturday, March 19th to mark the bicentenary...
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Chinese Visitors No Longer To Pay Visa Fees to Nepal

The foreign Minister of Nepal, Mr. Kamal Thapa along with the Chinese Foreign Minister Mr. Wang Yi had met on Beijing last Friday to decide on a few matters that concerned both countries. As a result, an unexpected statement came out that wooed the whole Tourism Industry of Nepal and China. The Chinese travelers will...
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Nepal in Google’s top 10 travel destinations of 2015

In spite of being home to Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain on earth and the birthplace of the Buddha, Nepal remained a virgin paradise for tourists until the 1950s.Having had enough share of anonymity to the world, last week the Asian destination discreetly amazed the world by ranking 9th in Google’s “Top 10 Travel Videos...
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