Dudh Kunda

My Journey To Dudh Kunda- Secret Place Of Nepal

Khumbu region always fascinates me through its soul relaxing landscapes, and the devotion of local people towards gods and religious beliefs, is something exceptional. The Khumbu region reflects the preserve and unaffected lifestyle and tradition of the Nepalese Tamang and Magar community. Previously, I have been to Nepal with my friend Matt. He is my...
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Lanscape view at Upper Mustang

Upper Mustang Forbidden Kingdom Of Nepal

Previously known as the Kingdom of Lo, the traditional Upper Mustang region comprises northern two-thirds of the present-day Mustang district. Mustang is a remote semi-independent Tibetan Kingdom north of the Annapurna Mountain and Dhaulagiri Mountains and is one of the last bastions of undisturbed Tibetan culture. It was only opened to westerners in 1992. That’s...
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Everest Photo Credit to Erick Milne

Which Route Should I choose for Everest Base Camp Trek?

There are three established Everest Base Camp trek routes: 1) The Classical Route Everest Base Camp short Trek – 14 DaysEverest Base Camp Trek – 16 Days 2) Everest Base Camp Trek via Gokyo Lakes and Chola Pass – 18 Days 3) Everest High Passes Trek – 20 Days The Classical Everest Base Camp Trek...
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Everest BAse Camp Vs Mount Kilimanjaro

Everest Base Camp vs Mount Kilimanjaro – Which one to Choose?

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to choose between Everest Base Camp trek vs mount Kilimanjaro climb, but under different circumstances, you might have to make a pick. Which one would you choose? Choosing one of them isn’t as easy as it seems, as both have their specialties and are unique in their own...
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Covid 19

Coronavirus(COVID19) Travel Updates [UPDATED: NOV, 2020]

Last updated on 15 March 2020, 11:30 hours Travelers may have a lot of questions about the novel coronavirus impacts on their impending travel plans or for those who have been planning to travel in a month or two. Here, we have tried to help you to understand more about how the COVID-19 disease may...
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Security check during covid

Is there a Coronavirus in Nepal? [UPDATED: NOV, 2020]

The current spread of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) has been keeping each one of us on the edge of our seats. And why wouldn’t it! The status quo of the contagious syndrome is incurable, yet incessant efforts of the medics and researchers worldwide to formulate a treatable vaccine are endless. The confirmed cases globally have exponentially...
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Family Adventure Trips

10 Best Family Adventures for 2020

In this fast-paced world of modernization, we often tend to miss out on the integral parts of life. We usually find ourselves immersed to seek and deliver a perfect lifestyle for ourselves and our children. And in doing so, some quality time with family is lost somewhere between paying bills and gathering food on the...
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Australian Bushfire: How can you help?

Australia is burning. It is facing an unprecedented national crisis. The bushfire that engulfed Australia’s all six states in months has torn apart the rural communities destroying over 1500 households. More than two dozens people have lost their lives so far.  A number of towns have been evacuated as high temperatures and strong wind initiate...
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Panaromic views of the Himalayas, Nepal and Bhutan Tour

What To Expect In Nepal And Bhutan Tour

Nepal and Bhutan tour is unlike any other trip around the world having fancy monasteries, picturesque Himalayan vistas, and pristine ancient cultures. Where else in the world can you claim a presence in the land of the world’s highest mountain and the only carbon-negative country?  With Nepal and Bhutan tour, you can dwell alongside the...
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Helicopter Tours In Nepal

5 Best Helicopter Tours In Nepal

When it comes to luxury travel, helicopter tours are the best way. With these best helicopter tour packages in Nepal, you can tick off “Reaching Everest Base” from your bucket list, that too in an luxurious fashion. Not only the Everest tour but even the Annapurna Helicopter tour is equally popular. You can also combine...
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